Patents 101: What You Need To Know

Patents 101: What You Need To Know

With the advent of advanced technology, it’s become much easier to create new products. It’s also just as easily to lose potential profits from them, due to the cunning acts of savvy thieves. To avoid forfeiting possible earnings from a concept you worked hard to create, it’s critical to understand the nature of patents and patent law. Knowing the basics will help you get started, but a patent firm in NYC can also help you protect your interests and your ability to earn revenues from your creations.

What Are Patents?

 Simply put, a patent is a set of legally recognized exclusive rights given to an inventor for a limited time period, usually in exchange for detailed public information about the creation. Patents are a classification of intellectual property, and are typically governed by the individual laws of each sovereign nation. In the United States, the national Patent and Trademark Office is responsible for overseeing the process of granting patents and keeping records of them.

To What Rights Does a Patent Entitle Me?

If you hold a patent, it means you may legally attempt to prevent others from using, crafting or selling the item you invented. You are also fee to license, mortgage, sell, assign, transfer or give away your patent. To understand your full rights under United States law, consulting a patent firm in NYC may be your wisest option.

What Can I Patent?

 United States law is very specific on what items can and cannot be patented. The federal statute governing patents states that “a process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof” may obtain a patent. Your process, machine or improvement must be documented and developed in order to be granted these exclusive rights. In other words, you cannot simply patent an idea or suggestion. U.S. courts have also rules that patents cannot be granted for laws of nature, physical phenomena and abstract ideas. If you’re unclear on whether your invention or process is ready for the application process, you should consult a patent firm in NYC.

How Do I Register a Patent?

 Individuals or entities applying for patents in the United States usually need to complete an application. Generally, the application includes written documentation and drawings of the invention. You’ll also need to enclose an oath or declaration, which at its basics states that the applicant believes himself or herself to be the original creator of the invention. The amount of documentation required to obtain a patent can be rather complex and lengthy, so it’s best to allow an expert in patent law in NYC to guide you through the process.

While this information is meant to provide a basic understanding about patents, it is a helpful start before you undertake the application process. It’s vital to comprehend the potential legal ramifications that may result from your patent, as well as the set of rights you are being granted. Completing the application process in the correct manner is also crucial. To ensure your success, it’s prudent to allow an expert in patent law in NYC help you from start to finish.