7 Ways to Make Your Small Yard More Luxurious and Relaxing

7 Ways to Make Your Small Yard More Luxurious and Relaxing

Creating a space you enjoy is the main goal when you want to have an outdoor space you can dream of coming home to each day. Finding extra room in a small area can be tricky. However, with a little bit of creativity and planning you can create the space of your dreams in a limited yard area. Here are seven ideas for transforming your little yard into an elegant haven where you can find solace and peace.

Paint a Mural on the Fence

Whether you love flowers or abstract art, painting the fence can brighten up your outdoor area. This makeover is affordable, and you can use stencils or freehand your design to figure out what you want to put on your fence. Adding a custom touch with your favorite colors can make the space uniquely yours. You can go fancy with a mosaic design or use decals that you can peel and stick if you are not the artistic type. These items might need a sealer to stay for long periods or to withstand the elements in rainy or dusty climates.

Incorporate Comfortable Seating

Ideally, putting in a fire pit and having outdoor chairs with lots of cushions is a dreamy way to soothe yourself. In small areas, creating a separate space is not always an option. A few creative ideas for tiny spaces are to include hanging seats like hammocks and egg chairs. This seating comes in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics, allowing you to find a combination that makes you happy.  You can also condense seating by having a couple of outdoor loveseats to share with your partner or family. Footstools with storage compartments under the cushions come in handy for stowing outdoor games and towels.

Add a Spa Feature

Hot tubs are an excellent addition to any backyard. A hot tub does not take up much room and gives you somewhere to go when you’re trying to relax at the end of the day. It’s also a great place for you and your family or friends to hang out for special occasions. If you don’t quite have room for a full sized hot tub, a smaller feature to consider might be a water fountain that you can rest your feet in every now and then. The sound of running water can be very healing for many people. These features will also mask the sound of noisy neighbors and traffic. A spa style space gives you a place to unwind and heal yourself after a long week at work.

Plant a Vertical Garden

Whether you want a ton of herbs for fresh and healthy meals, or you love a ton of flowers, vertical gardens are fabulous for small yards. You can hang pots from macramé pot holders, use a fence to hold succulents, or create a vertical stand that you can use to recycle plastic bottles.  Depending on your climate you can plant moss, ferns, grapes, succulents, or anything else. Visit your local greenery store or nursery to get recommendations on plants and your local hardware store for help on deciding how to create the garden wall. When you mix and match the two, the possibilities are limitless.

Create a Kitchen or Bar Area

A small kitchen or bar for your yard doesn’t have to take up a lot of space, but this addition can make your yard feel more comfortable and useful for entertaining company. Install a bar or countertop with an accessible sink. If you wish, you may want to make space for a grill in this area as well. Make sure you have storage for supplies like cups, utensils, shakers, and any ingredients you’ll be using. Having access to an area to make some light refreshments and beverages makes it easier to engage with people without being interrupted by going inside for refills.

Add Comfortable Lighting

Even if you have a small yard it isn’t ideal to have it lit up from a flood light from your home. Instead, put up warm lighting with string lights of Edison bulbs. You can have these circle the perimeter of your yard, or go back and forth across the middle. If you only have a patio seating area in your yard, use pathway lighting for a less harsh effect. You can also use torches and heat lamps if you live in a cooler climate but want to be able to enjoy your yard during any season. 

Enjoy Ambient Sounds

If you have a small yard because of close proximity to neighbors or because you live in a big city, you likely hear a lot of excess noise when you are trying to relax outside. You can combat this by playing some light ambient sounds. Avoid playing loud music that will add to the noise levels and instead opt for sounds of nature like streams, birds, or crickets. Doing so will help you to feel a little more secluded and private while you’re trying to enjoy your yard.

Another idea for creating a serene yard is to add a meditation area. Some people relax by watching movies. Projecting your favorite shows on a clean sheet makes a cozy spot for the family to kick back. Picnic tables give you plenty of room to play with the kids or have friends over for a backyard barbecue without needing a ton of extra chairs.