How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

The summer is here and proposal season is just getting bigger and bigger each year. More people are getting married and each is trying to get their engagement right. Well, first you need a ring, a perfect ring. Some will opt for the stores on the high street, some will opt for custom made rings, some opt for lab-grown diamonds, and some will go online and order there. More people are going on the internet for a range of things, but there is a whole new world out there for shopping. 

Purchasing an engagement ring can be an expensive item to buy and will probably be one of the most important things you will ever buy in your life. There is no wonder why so many people opt for choosing a ring in person, however, buying online definitely has its benefits. In this article, we will go through the benefits of purchasing an engagement ring online and also how to buy one online without getting ripped off. 

The Pro’s Of Purchasing An Engagement Ring Online

There is a range of benefits of purchasing online including:

  • Save Time: Rather than spending time going around the shops, why not let the rings come to you by looking online. This saves time going to stores that are simply not as well-stocked as online stores. The time you wasted going around the shops could have been spent on planning your proposal.
  • Save Money: Shopping online can be much cheaper due to online stores not needing as much space or a storefront. In turn, it helps them make large savings which they sometimes pass on to their customers for a cheaper price.
  • Access More Options: As said before, high street stores don’t have the same amount of stock as online stores meaning that they have a limited choice to pick from. At least when you are purchasing online, you can see 100’s of different rings to pick from in your price range.
  • A Chance To Stand Out: With not being limited to just your local stores, when purchasing online, you have the world at your fingertips so there are an abundance of unique engagement rings out there to choose from so your future wife stands out from the crowd.
  • Exchanges Are Easy: It is key to choose a dealer who has a good return policy, but exchanging is easy. When you have a ring delivered to your home, at least you don’t have to have anyone watching over your shoulder. This way you can decide in your own time, and if you don’t like it, you can send it back.

Online Shopping Doubts

  • What If The Seller Is Dishonest? This can even happen in a high street store. But when purchasing online, you should only go to websites that have a good reputation or at least have some customer reviews.
  • What If The Size Is Wrong? This is always a possibility, and this can also happen in a physical store. The best way to do this is to check the seller’s return policy and see what they say.
  • What If The Ring Is Not What I Expect? Opt for high-resolution pictures on a website so you can see exactly what it looks like. This is why it is important to always check the return policy.

Tips On Shopping For An Engagement Ring Online

Decide How You Want To Choose A Ring

Firstly, you should first decide whether you want to look for a ring on your own, or you want to look for an engagement ring with your partner. If you are doing it on your own online, then make sure that you use incognito on your browser so you can hide your trail.

Get The Sizing Right 

Getting the size wrong when proposing can be a little embarrassing so it’s best to get it right the first time. This can be done in several ways, firstly you can use one of her old rings and measure by printing out a size chart. The other way is getting some string and wrapping it around her finger if you are shopping together. If you are thinking of purchasing an antique ring like an art deco engagement ring, you should check where they are from as not all countries’ sizes are the same. 

Do Your Research

Firstly, you should have a look at the types of rings you like and then have a look at the biggest and most popular stores to see how much people are paying for that type of ring. Once you have done this it gives you a good benchmark figure to work with. 

Set A Budget: How much you spend on a ring doesn’t matter anymore, it used to be 3 paychecks but that tradition is starting to fade out. It is best to go with a price point that she will be happy with and something that you won’t be embarrassed about as this is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. 

Spend More Than One Day Looking: The world wasn’t built in one day, and neither should your ring take just one day. Spread the search over a couple of weeks or months so that you can really see what is out there, what will suit her the best and also you may find that the one you liked at the start, really was the one you want to purpose with. 

Learn How To Spot Signs Of Quality

So you have looked at the engagement rings and have maybe even chosen the one you want. Now it’s time to check on the quality of the ring:

Diamond Grades: The quality of diamonds are determined by the four C’s: colour, clarity, cut, carat. The best diamonds are those that are colourless, have no imperfections and reflect light flawlessly with beautiful cuts which have been graded by their weight for their overall carat. It is also crucial that you check the diamond certificate as this proves authenticity. 

Types Of Gold:  There are many different types of gold out there and also many different factors that affect the value of the gold. This could range from whether the band is plated or solid and how pure the metal is. The higher the carat the purer the ring, however, you won’t find many 24ct gold rings as the metal is too soft for jewellery. 

Now you know the benefits of purchasing an engagement ring online, you can now start to shop with some confidence and will be able to pick out the most perfect ring for your sweetheart.

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