A Changed Man

I am 26 years old and until January this year had never set foot in a gym. But why was this the case? I love sport and like to think I am not lacking in motivation if I want to do something. I have always wanted to be as fit and strong as I could be so surely joining a gym would be the thing to do.
I think it boiled down to the fact that no-one I knew wanted to join a gym and I must admit I was apprehensive about being “weak” surrounded by people who had been going for years. Plus, I don’t know anything about what exercises to do to best work the different muscles in my body.
I have now been going to the gym for about six months. I can do numerous pull ups when before I could do none, I feel much better about myself and I enjoy working out. However, I don’t actually know if the workout I do is benefiting my muscles or is the most effective way of doing things. I am much stronger and have better definition than when I started but could it be better? I always do a 30 minute run to start with but was told by a personal trainer friend of mine that doing weights after this when my muscles are tired is not the best way.
I wish I had started working out when I was younger. Going to the gym is difficult due to the issues raised above, but you don’t have to just join a gym to keep fit and achieve your workout goals. Is there another way? What about a personal trainer who can come and visit you with the required equipment and expertise?
Being able to work out anywhere you like with the required equipment and a detailed training regime makes perfect sense. Workouts become easier to fit into your schedule, as they can be done in the comfort of your own home and there is no apprehension about comparing yourself to other people. For those who make easy excuses not to go the gym, there is now no excuse. Workouts aren’t confined to the gym. Getting that advice as well not only helps people like me just starting out, but also people who have been working  out for years. My way of thinking regarding working out has been changed and some of those barriers torn apart like my once weak biceps.

Will Johnstone has recently become a bit of a gym bunny, here he writes from personal experience for Not in the Gym/Rocket & Rabbit Ltd