A Day In The Life Of A Neurosurgeon

Diagnosing, treating, and surgically correcting issues having to do with the nervous system is what a neurosurgeon’s job entails. By performing surgery on the spine and/or brain, neurosurgeons can treat tumors, brain and spinal cord injuries, infections, and strokes. With responsibilities and tasks that greatly differ from day to day, the day of every neurosurgeon is demanding and complex.
Tasks Completed Daily
A neurosurgeons work day normally starts off with surgeries scheduled for very early in the morning. Although their main daily responsibility is resolve nervous system problems, there are also arrays of other duties that fall under the neurosurgeons responsibility. They are often required to assess and diagnose patients as they appear in the emergency room. Emergency room patients vary are never scheduled, so these parts of their daily tasks are always unpredictable. Other daily duties of a neurologist Houston can include writing prescriptions, filling out paperwork, and updating patient’s families with their latest news.

Emergency Surgeries
Although a neurosurgeons day starts with scheduled surgeries, they are elective surgeries also performed during the day that are much more unpredictable. Elective surgeries are often preempted by patients suffering from a stroke or aneurysm that needs an emergency procedure completed. The other staff of the hospital often calls on neurosurgeons to consult with many of the other departments in the hospital, leaving a neurosurgeons daily life completely unpredictable.
Besides performing their surgical duties, most neurosurgeons are also responsible for the business side associated with this medical profession. These other duties include consulting with numerous other doctors daily and keeping up with all of the necessary paperwork. The neurological department commonly has a business manager of its own. Another part of daily business as a neurosurgeon includes meeting with these business managers.
Multiple procedures are completed daily in the life on a neurosurgeon. These procedures vary greatly and can range from the simple treatment of an outpatient to complex surgical procedures with the brain that often times require the aid of a microscope that is powered by the neurosurgeon using a foot pedal. Dealing with plenty of medical emergencies daily leads to a neurosurgeons schedule varying greatly. Sometimes they get home much later than they wanted and expected to. With a very intense and demanding career, neurosurgeons describe their work as their calling, not just a way to make some good money. Being comfortable in highly stressful environments, neurosurgeons must be confident in their abilities to make decisions.
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