A Glimpse At The Art Of Successful Decision Science For Sales

A Glimpse At The Art Of Successful Decision Science For Sales

Annie Duke is no stranger to success and winning! She herself has been a poker champion and a strong force to reckon with in the game. Annie is still going ahead and is now embracing the mantle of a successful corporate coach and mentor to a wide range of well known organizations and brands in the country. Her academic background in cognitive psychology has helped her win many tournaments. Alongside she is an excellent strategic planner and understands the human psyche well. Thanks to her experience with the game and her academic background she is now the lead mentor to a number of sales teams in the nation. She is giving them the successful winning tips and tricks to give organizations a competitive edge in the market.

Sales are an integral part of any business. It is important at least at the end of the day to ensure that the sales targets are met for getting the maximum gains. However, many organizations despite giving their sales teams all they need fail to achieve this target. It is here that Annie Duke steps in to help and guide such teams. Like human communication, the sales team has to be experts in interaction with their prospects. It is crucial for them to understand the needs of the prospect first before they can be sold the service or the product in question.

She is today motivating sales teams on how to increase and develop business. According to her both sales teams and players in the game of poker have the same basic similarities. Both of them need to acquire something from the opposite side of the table but they have very limited knowledge about the other party. They also have to be aware of the outside influences of the other party. Annie has spoken to the sales teams of prominent companies like Pandora Radio, Gaylord Resorts and more on the pros of incorporating Decision Science to become more productive, profitable and efficient.

One of the common mistakes that Annie has noticed is that both players in the game and sales team have the tendency to allocate poor resources in the future over the money they had invested in a prospect in the past. This is known as the sunk cost bias. People tend to behave and believe that if resources have been spent they are expected to behave in a particular manner in the decision making process. Annie speaks to sales teams about the importance of investing their time wisely. This will help sales teams to negotiate and close deals wisely.

In fact, there are many hidden secrets that help the sales team to actually improve the quality of work and ensure that lead conversions are more. This helps in the development of an organization. Annie Duke has really given in some valuable insights to corporate giants on how their sales team can realize sales targets and bring in great returns for the Company every time!