A Guide To Calculate Road Traffic Accident Compensation


The compensation claim sector in the UK has been becoming fairly strong for a handful decades. An executive road traffic accident claim agency (claimsportal.org.uk) has been established that allows personal injury lawyers and Claims Management Companies (CMC’s) to manage personal injury claims in a similar way, resulting in a quite specific way where damages can be estimated.

Even as whiplash (neck) claims are the highest number of all road traffic accident claims reported, the truth is that you could get injuries in any way following an accident.

We’re going to go you through a guideline that after studying, it is hoped that you should get a reasonable idea of what type of damages you can get with a bit of luck.

This guideline on injury calculations includes a wide sample of compensation money. Any compensation example can be rooted in the injury related to that person and same accident can cause to be happened in other situations and losses.

All Right – Let’s Start!

Head and neck injuries: These injuries can be different in some particular way considerably and it is always highly recommended to discuss with a legal professional while there involves a head injury. The normal sum of compensation money is as follows; brain injury (£9,874 – £257,740), slight head injury (£1,420 – £8,200), cheek bone fracture (£1,510 – £10,300), jaw-bone damage (£4,300 – £29,100), face disfiguration (£2,600 – £62,100), eyes injury (£2,400 – £1,72,400), ear injury (£7,900 – £70,200), whiplash injury (£860 – £94,900), psychiatrical injury such as chronic weakness or PTSD stress disorder (equal to £62,400).

The back injury (£4,800 – £108,100), shoulder injury (£2,730 – £30,730), chest and breathing problem (£20,100 – £35,200), asbestos or lung cancer claim (£30,760 – £81,600), rib fracture (equal to £2,700), food poisoning (£580 – £33,600), paralysis of a body part (£206,650 – £257,650), palsy (£140,100 – £181,600).

Arm injuries – arm injury (equal to £191,400), shoulder bone injury (£2,650 – £31,750), wrist joint injury (£2,260 – £38,240), hand injury (£610 – £129,700), finger injury (equal to £23,200), loss of any finger (£22,740 – £35,200), hand or arm weakness (£1,910 – £20,150).

To end with, Leg Injuries! – Leg Injury – (£5,740 – £180,100), knee injury (equal to £61,600), ankle injury (equal to £32,100), foot injury (equal to £128,400), toe injury (equal to £35,900).

I hope above guideline is helpful to a great extent for you to know and figure out a lot more on what your accident compensation claim may be in money. You can, in this way, decide to get most of benefits regarding whether you feel you should file a personal injury claim.

A lot of sites offer an accident claims calculator to help you figure out what compensation money you may receive.

The most easygoing thing to do when you are unsure is to arrange a meeting for discussion with a law house. You may decide you don’t like to move any further and bring a claim but it’s always good to discuss with a professional first only to make your mind free from anxiety.