Affordable And Appropriate Gifts For The Workplace

Giving affordable and appropriate gifts in the workplace can pose a serious problem for some.
There is a very thin line between inappropriate and appropriate in the workplace. When it comes to workplace gifts, it is best to keep them simple. For instance, black picture frames may seem cheap or insensitive, but when appropriate photos are inserted, they may become pieces that are treasured forever.
The first rule of giving gifts at work is to follow all company policies. The safest workplace gifts are those that are impersonal and affordable, but a little fun can be put into the event by giving gifts that are tastefully personalized.

Coffee Mugs
Nearly everyone in an office enjoys a hot beverage in the morning. This makes coffee mugs one of the most popular workplace gifts. Coffee mugs can be personalized, but care should be taken to avoid the many potentially offensive mugs that are available. In addition, it should be noted that some offices require all beverage containers to have a secure lid. In this case, an insulated thermos or stainless steel cup is an appropriate gift.
Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are a great gift when you do not know what to give someone or when several coworkers are chipping in on the gift. With a gift basket, you can choose several different items to increase the chances that the recipient will like the gift. In addition, each person chipping in on the gift may choose something to put in the basket.
Picture Frames
Simple black picture frames can make for great workplace gifts. Black is an ideal color because it goes with nearly any type of décor. Although other colors may be chosen if you know the recipient’s personal preference or office color scheme, picture frames with inscriptions should be avoided. Simple picture frames are suitable because the frame is not really the gift. A special photo should be chosen to go inside the frame. One great idea is to use a photo of workplace friends.

Gift Cards
When all else fails, you can always give a gift card. It is never considered appropriate to give cash gifts in the workplace, but gift cards are a great substitute. However, you should do some research to make sure that the recipient will use the card. Few gifts are worse than a gift card for something you do not like or cannot use.
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