An Essential Guide To The World Of Dental Implants

Your smile is an expression that says more about you than you could imagine. A happy smile can be a sign of confidence, intelligence, and good health. However, not all of us feel confident about smiling. Crooked or missing teeth can cause us to feel self-conscious about our smile and the way we look. Luckily, with today’s technologies, we create a world of happy, healthy smiles with dental implants. Here, we’ll look at exactly what dental implants are all about.

First, what are dental implants?
A dental implant is simply a tooth root, but it’s made artificially. These implanted tooth roots can be placed in your mouth to hold replacement teeth or even a bridge. Dental implants are used by all sorts of people. From people who have suffered oral disease to those who have lost teeth through injury or any other reason.

Can anybody have them?
Most people can, yes. Nonetheless, as dental implants need to use the existing bone in your jaw as support, you should be in good oral health and free from oral disease. Of course, there are many individual variations and it will take an expert dentist to decide whether you could benefit and use dental implants.

How do they provide benefit?
Ok, so let’s say you’ve been unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that’s knocked out a few of your teeth. Now, these teeth aren’t going to grow back, and you’d probably rather have a full set of teeth than a smile with a gap larger than the Grand Canyon. Often, in cases of missing teeth, the underlying bone requires a dental implant to secure a crown or bridges for several missing teeth.

If you feel self-conscious about your smile, or if you need to replace missing teeth to maintain a professional image for work etc, then dental implants are a necessity to getting your teeth back to the way you like them. They can be used to replace anything from one to a whole set of teeth.

Will dental implants solve all your teeth troubles?
No, they won’t. Dental implants are a form of dental treatment that acts to repair and replace diseased or missing teeth. However, once you’ve had your dental implants, caring for them is exactly the same as caring for any other teeth. You still need regular check-ups and you still need to care for your teeth adequately with brushing and flossing.

Why do people use them?
Ultimately, people use dental implants to give them the opportunity to smile with confidence again. Some people decide to replace their teeth if they’re crooked and making them unhappy. Others need dental implants to replace missing teeth and keep their professional image in their working environments. People have a whole host of reasons for getting dental implants, and yours may be a completely new reason all together. However, what they all share is their desire to smile with a healthy looking set of teeth.

Stuart Withers is a freelance writer who’s used dental implants to replace a tooth he smashed whilst skateboarding carelessly down a large hill. He’s always liked his smile and his teeth and dental implants were a perfect solution to keep his smile happy. He recommends Smile Care if you need professional dental implants in Plymouth or the surrounding area.