App 100’s Best Productivity Apps for Business

RingCentral, a VoIP provider in the US, surveyed 300 owners of small and mid-sized businesses across all industries; and revealed figures, which clearly spoke of companies trending towards operating their entire business remotely. For that reason, 57% of business owners rely on cloud apps to perform tasks that can make or break their business, albeit being perceived as trivial.

Interestingly, heavy reliance on cloud services coincides with a “dramatic spike” in mobile device adoption among businesses, particularly handheld tablets. 62% of business owners have tablets, says the survey. And more than majority of these business owners use cloud productivity apps to allow easy access to documents and to make collaboration possible among a more distributed workforce.

Millions of apps for mobile gadgets, desktops and the web can certainly overwhelm an eager business professional. The Business Insider’s App 100, hence, is godsend for those who wish to leaf through hundreds of thousands of apps to look for the best productivity apps in the market.

The Business Insider is a reliable source of business and technology news and is headquartered in New York. BI’s App 100 is an exclusive list and the ultimate guide to 100 of “the world’s greatest apps” for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and the web.

Keep an eye out for some of Business Insider’s best mobile productivity apps!

Born on the Microsoft Office era? Then, CloudOn for Android and Apple products is the app for you. This free productivity app gives you a full PC version of the Microsoft Office suite—Word, PowerPoint and Excel. With CloudOn, you can also integrate your files or documents to cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Exclusive to mobile gadgets running on iOS, CardMunch is a free app that allows users to convert business cards to address book contacts and build on those connections through social networking site LinkedIn. CardMunch makes contact-building for business, paperless. You just have to snap a photo of the business card and upload it to the app.

Although this app may cost you a little under $3, Checkmark is BI’s favorite location-based task and reminder app for the iOS. Using iOS gadgets’ geofencing feature, Checkmark reminds you of tasks or to-dos every time you enter or exit a particular location.

Evernote is a free productivity app for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows as well as counterpart operating systems for desktop or laptop computers and tablets. It is an online notebook for anything you can think of, whether it’s for business or personal. With Evernote, you can store texts, audio files, photos, web articles, to-do lists, and many more.

Let’s face it, Gmail lords over all web-based emails out there with 425 million users worldwide. And what better way to access your email than having a Gmail app for your mobile gadget. Gmail mobile comes in a big storage space for free and an excellent search feature.

If you’re among the road warriors or globe-trotting business professionals, then you must have cloud storage app Box right at your pocket. Box is a free online storage space for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. You can get started with a 5GB storage space for free so that you can back up, share files and documents online and view them from any device anywhere there is an Internet connection, and with much ease.