Apple iPad Air 2 Two Times Faster Than iPad Air First: Performance

Apple iPad Air 2

Yes, the new iPad in the iPad Air series is 2 times faster than the previous generation tablet from Apple. And moreover, Apple engineers manage to reduce the thickness of the device and now it looks more awesome.

At the presentation of the device not a word was said about the frequency of the processor, including cores, as well as the amount of RAM. However, thanks to enthusiasts from the site iFixit and we now know the details – iPad Air 2 processor has three cores and is clocked at 1.5 GHz. And finally they have implemented 2GB RAM.

Performance of the new processor is really goot and could be observed from the tests Geekbench 3 Multi-Core Score, uses all three core chip, iPad Air 2 provides about 4500 points, it is only a few percent less than the fresh MacBook Air 13 in the base (4792) points. That is, in terms of computing power, “tablet” of Apple getting closer to the laptop with the typical “office” capabilities.

During the presentation of the new iPad on October 16th a couple of applications that load on the CPU and graphics subsystem for the full demonstrated. First – this is an image editor Pixelmator for iOS, allowing for iPad Air 2 apply any effects, even complex, almost instantly. The second – “automatic” video editor Replay, create professional-looking video itself, without the need to “manual” intervention. The latter can only choose styles, music and video speed. Moreover, able to capture the imagination of the user, using the new apps while a few games too. For example, the race “Asphalt 8: On the rise” worked like charms with direct access to the CPU and graphics of new iPad. It allows for the same processing capability to demonstrate more complex graphics. Until, of course, not quite at the level of next-generation consoles, but the progress is going in the right direction.

As for the two gigabytes of RAM, the necessity of their presence in the device is not so obvious – at least until the developers did not submit an application with radically new features or Apple does not implement the same multi-mode with a split screen into several parts. But the browser is now easier to “keep” in mind (and, accordingly, does not boot from the network again when you reopen) a large number of open web pages. Yes, and “crashes” Safari, which often leads to precisely the irrational use of sites of memory devices to be more rare.

Now come to perhaps the most intriguing moment. It is clear that if the iPad Air 2 is “thiner” and how much interest out there, it is no less significant was reduced battery capacity – the rest of the components are already miniaturized modern technology to manageable limits. All that tells us Apple, posted on the official website on the specifications page: “Built-in lithium polymer battery capacity of 27.3 watt hours. Up to 10 hours on the Internet network Wi-Fi, play video or music. ” In the first generation Pad Air battery was more – 32.4 Watt hours. Let’s see if Apple manages to put bigger batter in Apple iPad Air 3 or not.