Are You Planning To Immigrate To America?

Are You Planning To Immigrate To America?

The United States of America fascinates people from all over the world because the country always welcomes immigrants from different parts of the world. Young and old, all dream to get settled in America as it provides lots of opportunities to the talented people. The development of America has been fastest in the world due to the presence of brightest brains from all over the world.

There are many ways people can immigrate to the USA. If you interact with any immigration lawyer New York then you can learn plenty of ways how to immigrate to that country. US government can also offer green card to any high skilled people in the field of engineering, science and technology and also in many other fields.

Here are few check lists that has been prepared for those, who are planning to move to the USA so that the task becomes easier.

Getting started

• Get your valid passport from your country and also of your family if they are going to accompany you. You need to apply for Visa from the US embassy of your country.

• You must enquire how much in advance time you must apply for visa so that you can travel to USA within schedule date.

• Be on time when you are called for interview for your Visa application

• Make sure that you have not violated any laws regarding immigration visa

• Make a copy of all relevant documents that may be needed during Visa interview

• Get help from any immigration experts, if you are not clear about anything regarding immigration to the USA.

Ready to go

• Purchase flight ticket and make reservation

• If you have pets then ensure that they have taken all necessary vaccines for travelling abroad

• Get your travel insurance and health insurance along with your family members

• Make sure your pension contributions are valid in the USA too.

• Get yours as well as your family’s medical as well as dental report.

• If you are moving to the USA for a long time then you must authorize someone to take care of your finance.

What to carry while immigrating to USA

• Things that you cannot carry with you must either be sold or donated to someone

• Carry sufficient amount of warm cloths if you are travelling during winter season.

• If you want to carry anything with you then make sure that it is cost effective to carry after paying the transportation cost as compared to buying in USA.

The other important points to remember –

• Cancel all the utilities like gas, electricity, telephone, water, internet etc

• Cancel your newspaper, club membership or any other associations

• Close all your bank accounts unless you are going to use them from USA too.

• Tax authorities must be informed that you are moving outside the country

• Provide your new address to all your relatives, friends and business associates

• Clear all your loans if any

• Return money if you have borrowed from someone

• Make sure to pay all your pending bills