Breezy Jazz Club To Reopens After Major Overhaul

Breezy Jazz Club To Reopens After Major Overhaul

The popular jazz club and fine dining restaurant, Breezy Jazz Club reopened after being closed for a month for major renovations and overhaul. The new layout is planned by the Lebanese architect Mohamed Hamdoun. Hamdoun, who graduated from the prestigious American University of Beirut and with his decades of successful commercial projects, is known for efficient and minimalistic building layout. The new renovated Breezy Jazz Club reflects such a design aesthetic, with a Scandinavian design style with muted colours to give a very modern ambience. The new design is especially meant to make the performing Jazz artists with their vibrant instruments the centre of attention, while the rest of the building seamlessly stays out of sight. The delivery of the project went ahead of schedule, allowing the owners some time for planning a grand reopening party.

Along with various local councillors and the owners, Mohamed Hamdoun himself was in attendance, accompanied by his two daughters and a son. The open invitation party was a great neighbourhood hit, with a Jazz performance by Bernard Johnson Trio. While Jazz purists enjoyed the subtleties and sophistication of smooth Jazz, the kids also showed a keen likening to the live performance. The fine dining menu and exquisite chardonnay more than took care of the guests’ appetite and thirst. Any breaks that the Jazz musicians took were filled with cheers and applause by the guests. The kids seemed fixated during the performance, only becoming a bit fussy during the breaks. After the live performance, the guests took some time to socialise with each other. The party concluded past midnight with the owners Bernett and Thea Jeffers and the councilman thanking Mohamed Hamdoun for his service and bold design approach to create an unconventional yet striking and unique neighbourhood venue.

Compared to the conventional or retro theme of most Jazz clubs, the use of modern or post-modern design approach for this Jazz club is quite unconventional. The way that this kind of design puts all the attention on the performer and the structure itself just disappears from the perspective is remarkable. While this design approach is quite unusual, how it is received by the regulars at the club remains to be seen. However, the initial reaction of the guests at the reopening party was of awe and wonder. If that is any indication of what is to come, then it indicates that this club could have a bright future, with a unique design sets it quite apart from any other place within miles of itself.

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