Area 61 and Its Secrets

The curiosity of researchers pushing the allegation that the Atlanta’s were highly developed civilization may have left behind a large material and spiritual heritage.

In the book by Shirley Andrews “Atlantis. On the trail of a vanished civilization, “the author, using scientific data and mystical sources, tries to explore various aspects of the life of the Atlanta’s. S. Andrews believes that they can transmit thoughts over long distances, that is, to use meaningful telepathy, in such a way to communicate with animals … and

Also, the Atlanta’s made great strides in the field of science and technology. They knew how to get energy in several ways, for example, by releasing her from living matter, or by the use of “sonic levitation,” that is, spells and mental effort.

The last type of energy used to move heavy objects in space, such as aircraft. Later Atlanta’s began to use to drive the “alien invasion” solar energy.

They were also aerial vehicles for the transport of long-distance heavy goods. They were driven from the ground using a special crystal. There were also lighter airplanes for passengers, shaped like a hollow needle with shiny sharp points on both ends provided with holes porthole.

Atlantis Healthcare has been mainly associated with nature, a cure for various ailments was prepared by plants. However, the priests knew how to heal with the help of energy from the cosmos. To do this, they would be alone in the pyramids. Recall that, according to rumors, the object allegedly lifted from the bottom of the Atlantic, too, had a pyramidal shape. By the way, according to one version, it is Atlanta were the first builders of the pyramids and the ancient Egyptians taught about life of alien.

For the treatment of diseases of various metals used as musical instruments, precious stones, which are tuned to the vibrations of the human body. Widely used crystals that change color upon contact with the “patient” area and was concentrated at this point positive energy. Surgical operations were carried out under hypnosis.