Bathroom Tile Backsplashes Enhance Beauty, Color And Function

Backsplashes are now gaining increasing attention and have moved out from being kitchen décor to bathroom as well. Having wall tiles behind the bath or getting walls adorned with a tiling pattern is infinitely more expensive than having a restricted tiled area or backsplash behind your basin. A backsplash not only adds to the beauty of the basin but also helps protect the wall from moisture and provides a designer look. If walls are plain with a simple white basin, a colorful tile pattern behind it    will add excitement.

Ceramic wonders

Ceramic tiles of an accented nature have always been a favorite. A wide variety of hues and patterns exist than can fit your style bill nicely even on a limited budget. You can have a mix of brown, orange and white for a vibrant and pleasing pattern that will add to the modernity of your bathroom and definitely will stay in style. Green, teal, peacock blue and purple are other shade options.

Nothing like mosaic

There is indeed nothing like mosaic to give a luxurious and modern feel to a bathroom. Tones of grey, teal, silver and white can make a design that looks remarkable when paired with modern mirror lighting and a square rimless mirror. A wide basin area is more suited to this look as there is a subtle hint of luxury which would look a bit cramped in too small an area.

Larger mosaic tiles in the shape of rectangles can be used for smaller basins like the pedestal ones which need a narrow strip of backsplash. This can be further enlarged by a border of lighter color mosaic tiles and should reach up to the vanity cabinet area as well.

Stone and pewter

Originally considered more fit for kitchen design but now modified sets are available for bathrooms too. They have an interestingly solid feel and can add to the charm of a modern countertop basin area complemented with a shower enclosure and walls decorated with the same tile design.

Recycled glass

Recycled glass tiles can add rainbow hues to your bathroom and go with marble countertops too. They can form an interesting pattern with a mix of shades and look more colorful and bright due to their glossy look. The whole set in varying shades of blue can end with a trim to relieve the design where it merges with the wall under the mirror.

Textured wood

Be it textured wood wallpaper or tiling backsplash, wood is here to stay in different types and styles. If your vanity cabinet or bathtub has a wood finish, add to the look by a wood textured backsplash which looks remarkable behind slate shaded countertops. Oblong and narrow tiles of dark and light patterns can make that wall an interesting spot thanks to the play of light and the texture. If you have a mirror with a wooden frame or want the rustic or country theme for your bathroom, look no further.

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