Add Style And Color To Your Kitchen By These Cool Color Combos

The kitchen is now considered to be not only a part of the heart of your home but also a room extending the atmosphere of cheerfulness and geniality. Décor and Color play a big role. Having a Colorful kitchen is one thing while having a well planned kitchen with dominant hues is quite another. Though many make the mistake of thinking Color is everything, a systematic and well planned Color scheme can have your kitchen rubbing elbows with your living room as far as style quotient goes.

Cream on cherries

White and red forms an interestingly bright pattern to do up a kitchen in. Red walls have a rich feel and are well set off by white countertops and cabinets. The hints of white add brightness and also cause the space to appear larger. The only downside is that white needs more maintenance. The floor can be of a dark shade of coffee brown with beige for contrast with walls and cabinets.

Black and white magic

The most classic of all Color pairings and one never to go out of style is black and white. Add brightness to your kitchen space with white countertops above black cabinets and a white floor and wall pattern with a black foreground of cabinets finished with ebony gloss.

Chocolate and peppermint

Brown with its rich earthly tones has been a predominant shade over the years. A dark fudge shade sits well on most wooden kitchen furniture and evokes a blend of the old with new. However, now there is a rise in pairing brown with gray. The overall look is eye-catching but not overtly attention grabbing. There is a refined amount of style and neutrality to it that speaks more of subtle charm and perfectly suits modern kitchens. Touches of Color can be added through flowers, utensils, baskets and the like.

Jeweled wonder

A modern and stylish kitchen look can be complemented with jewel tones on the walls. These go well with dark Color centered themes especially, ebony, coffee and hints of white and also silver. The wall adds a focal point of interest and the cabinetry with a plain and clean finish in a single solid dark shade  helps enhance the multi-faceted beauty of the jewel toned backsplash.

Silver dusted leaves

Going green has become a fashion trend as well as an environmental focus. You can add a touch of natural green shades to your kitchen wall or countertop and use hints of silver through the appliances or cabinet finishing. It forms a very soothing picture as well. The overall appeal lies in the simplicity, laid back effect and the soothing tones.

Blue berries with black currants

For smaller kitchen areas to have a cozy and soothing effect, a dash of slate blue is recommended as cabinet finishing as nothing is as lay back as blue. Black can form an interesting contrast without making blue seem out of place and so you can have it as a countertop Color. Even hints of brown and silver blend well with these shades and give a family kitchen appeal.

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