Be On Trend With The Latest Celebrity Look

One of the latest trends to hit the headlines in the world of reality shows is the feather hair extension. You may have seen this funky hair accessory on the likes of Made in Chelsea and also spotted it on the Jennifer Love Hewitt, Miley Cyrus and in the hit US TV show Vampire Diaries. These quirky feathers are a new and reusable way to dress up your hair without damaging it. The feathers are real so you can crimp, curl, straighten, wash and blow dry and apply again and again, good as new. These feathers always give you a natural finish as opposed to the synthetic ones which would not bend and might be stiff in the hair. Imagine when you’re getting ready for that night out. You have your nails done, get the perfect dress, pick out accessories to match, but there is just something missing; that small detail that gives you an edge – a difference from everyone else in their little black dress. Well here’s the answer – just one little feather entwined in your fringe or hooked into the oh so elegant bun you have in your hair. Perfect.

You’ve always wanted to try some crazy colours in your hair but don’t want to risk having to remove the colour if you don’t like it, or you have a boss who would not appreciate pink hair at his firm. With a simple bead (that comes in a range of different colours) you can have it in and out in minutes. Light weight head pieces that will just hairspray into position and I can guarantee no one will be wearing the same. There are so many different looks you can create. Personally I think they would be amazing at a festival, never fading, easy to wash, you can choose which colours you want and add them together. You could even wear them as a headband across your head which means no more headaches or marks from the elasticated bands we have now.

Well I know what I’ll be indulging in them on receipt of my next pay cheque. I look forward to getting a couple of these bad boys. I have always liked things that don’t follow the norm and after seeing these and realising how much you can do with them, I’m sold. You don’t even  have to have the celebrity wallet for these. It’s definitely worth a look as they can be reused and restyled again and again.

Carris Grey shares her interest on the latest hair styles on behalf of Awesome Feathers