Best 5 Family Sedan Cars You Can Buy

India’s rising middle class is the reason why major car companies are launching new models of Sedans each year that offer class and luxury while being easy on the budget. Compact Sedans are the new craze in India as they are seen as a symbol of status and lifestyle.

Here we will take a look at 5 of the best picks from Family Sedans that you can buy keeping in mind the features, the road worthiness, and of course pricing.

1. Honda Amaze

Based on the Brio Hatchback, The Amaze is meant for the Indian market. The price of Honda Amaze is between INR 5.21 to INR 7.78 lakhs. It runs on a 1200 cc Petrol engine and a less than 1500 cc diesel engine. The car comes in 12 variants and the length is just less than 4 metres.

The car has spacious interior and massive 400 litre boot and the brand name of Honda for plus. It has ergonomic design and meant and promoted as a car for the Indian family. This is more passenger space and legroom. It also provides easy gear shift and driveability within the city. The Amaze is the brand’s 5th car to sell in India and its cheapest and shortest sedan in the world. The Kerb weight is within 10 Kilos of the Maruti Dzire and it feels light when you drive. The 1.5 litre i-DTEC engine means that you get a power packed performance and it provides fuel economy as well at 25.8 Kpl. To top it off you have brand reliability and the ownership experience associated with Honda.

If you are planning to buy a car for your family you can go for any of the following or do your own research and go for other variants in the market. Just remember to check out the models fuel economy, safety features, price and brand dependability.

2. Maruti Suzuki New Swift Dzire

The second generation of Swift Dzire draws inspiration from the New Swift. The perfect car for families, and the middle class the price ranges from INR5.03 lakhs to INR 7.59 lakhs. There are eight variants to this model and this is one of the best budget sedans in this section.

Effort has been made to make the ride of the rear passengers pleasurable and the sound absorbing capacity means the driver has a pleasant experience driving the car. The automatic climate control system adjusts automatically to keep you comfortable. It needs fewer gear changes and that means a smoother city drive. The headlamp can be adjusted for a better visibility at night which means better safety. The ABC with booster controls uncontrolled skidding on slippery roads meaning another point to being a family car. The new Swift Dzire comes with a boot so that is basically all the practicality of a Swift with room for luggage too.

It is a compact and practical car meant for the middle class and families. The positives of this car include the quality of equipment and interiors and the practicality and the affordability.

3. New Honda City

The Honda city has always been a favourite of the Indian Car market. The fourth generation of the Honda City was unveiled globally at an event in Delhi on January 7 2014. It retains most of the features of the previous model but it has some changes in the exterior and interior with added features. There are currently 12 variants to the model with prices ranging from INR 7.20 lakhs to INR 11.06 lakhs.

The new Generation City has a sporty and aggressive design. This is inspired from the car maker’s ‘H design philosophy’, which will be increasingly seen in more cars from the company. This is visible in the changes at the front and rear of the vehicle and the grille which has a chrome finish. The grille now extends to the bumper and the double barrel headlamps are much wider. The aerodynamic drag has seen a reduction in the side profile of the car. The interiors are similar to the previous models but there is leather upholstery in the higher variants.

This car is meant for families as the rear passenger gets more legroom and there is higher headroom too.  There are AC vents at the back too and not only bloweINR Also there is the largest boot space for your luggage almost 510 litres which is the highest in this section. You can choose from six different colours and no matter how you look at it the City has loads to offer.

Take it for a spin to find out more.

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4. Renault Scala

The perfect car for large families, Renault Scala is the best entry level Sedan in the price range of INR 7.17 to INR 10.61 lakhs. There are seven variants in the model which are

  1. Renault Scala-RXL (Diesel)- INR 8.86 lakhs
  2. Renault Scala-RXL (Petrol) (AT) Automatic- INR 9.17 lakhs
  3. Renault Scala-RXL (Diesel) Travelogue- INR 9.40 lakhs
  4. Reanult Scala-RXL (Petrol)  AT Travelogue- INR 9.70 lakhs
  5. Renault Scala-RXz (Diesel)- INR 9.76 lakhs
  6. Renault Scala-RXz (Petrol)  AT- INR 10.07 lakhs
  7. Renault Scala-RXz (Diesel) Travelogue-INR 10.21lakhs
  8. Renault Scala-RXz (Petrol)  AT Travelogue-INR 10.61 lakhs

The car has an upmarket feel to it which will attract the middle class and looks quite smart with its revamped bumper, wider grille and cool looking headlamps. The real plus is good fuel economy especially in the diesel version and a car for everyday drive. Even at slower speed the ride feels excellent which means it is ideal for crowded city roads.

The only downside might be its similarity with the Nissan Sunny in terms of the exterior and the interior.

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 5. Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze is available in the Indian Market in three variants- LT, LTZ and LTZ AT (Automatic). All three are driven by powerful two litre VCDi diesel engine and give more or less the same mileage. However the LTZ AT gives slightly less mileage than the other two.

The pricing of the three models are as follows:

Chevrolet Cruze LT- INR 13.79 Lakhs

Chevrolet Cruze LTZ-INR 15.28 lakhs

Chevrolet Cruze LTZ AT- INR 16.30 lakhs

The Cruze looks very sturdy from the outside but feels quite compact and comfortable from the inside. It can easily carry 5 people comfortably over a long distance which makes it ideal for a family. The interiors are very modern and it feels great to drive. There are two airbags, electrically regulating OVRMs and a 2 DIN music system with iPod, USB and Bluetooth compatibility. You can also take your pick from 7 different colouring

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The only downside may be the dealer network and the popularity of the brand. The best way to decide is to take a test drive and do a little research before proceeding to buy.