Best Call To Action Tips For Your Online Business

The best call to action tips involves those that provide a clear direction to the potential customer to make the next logical move and perform some sort of action. A strong call to actions is an essential part of a profitable website, although they are not just limited to e-commerce stores. Any website needs to have an objective that it wants their visitors to complete some action, whether it is signing up for a newsletter, volunteering or simply filling in a contact form.

The evolution of websites has gone from simply stating the products and services your online company provides, to moving the visitor around the webpage. Creatively designed webpages follow a strategic plan that generates a call to action. A typical call to action will provide a direct focus to your site, work as a way to measure the success of your site and provide direction to your visitors. The following is a list of how to create effective calls to action, and why the techniques work so well.
The Groundwork
Before your visitor will be willing to complete any type of call to action, they must recognize the need to do so. Cleverly designed websites, infomercials, and ad campaigns do this extremely well. Before initiating a call to action, the web designer first needs to identify the product, service or problem that needs some type of resolution. The resolution can be a simple solution to the problem, a click to purchase the item or a way to gather further information.
The Unexpected
Every potential customer enjoys that little extra something that was not expected. Certain calls to actions encourage the potential customer to complete the action by filling out a form or making a purchase to receive some type of bonus or gift. Providing that unexpected extra gives your company the opportunity to advertise its brand, gain the loyalty of potential customers and encourage repeat sales.
Limit Your Actions
Often times, too much is – too much. Limit your calls to action to eliminate the possibility of overwhelming your potential customer. Offering too many varieties of any type of products or services tend to confuse your customers and diminish your sales. Your potential customer is less likely to buy what you are selling if they cannot make up their mind. If you have a lengthy process throughout your checkout system, simplify it by breaking the actions part so you can slowly walk your customer through the process. Let them click on a purchase that will take them to another window that allows them to fill in their name. This can be followed by another window to provide any monetary requirement, followed by a separate page with confirmations.
Urgent Language
Using active urgent language is one of the best call to action tips to encourage your visitors and potential customers to perform an action quickly. Using terminology such as by Now, Call, Subscribe, Donate, or Register informs your potential customer or visitor exactly what they need to do now.
Additionally, you can create a high sense of urgency that requires immediate action by using key phrases such as “Offer expires on December 31”, “For limited time only”, or “order within the next 30 minutes and receive a …”.
On Every Page
Any time a potential customer is visiting your site you have a captured audience. Because of that, it is imperative have a call to action on each page. Should your visitor ever reach a dead-end, they might simply leave your website without ever responding to any of your calls to action.
These are the best call to action tips that can help you create a successful website. By combining powerful copywriting, creative visual design and a user-friendly environment filled with calls to action, will provide an avenue to greater interaction with your customers, and increase sales.
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