Best Honeymoon Destinations: Fall In Love With Each Other and The Place

Best Honeymoon Destinations: Fall In Love With Each Other and The Place

One plans a lot about their wedding and honeymoon. It is the memory that one cherishes for their entire life. That is why it has to be special. Honeymoon is not just a holiday or a vacation. It is the time most beautifully spent with your spouse. There are no other family holidays, which are similar to honeymoon. It is the most romantic vacation that a couple can gift each other.

While planning for your honeymoon, one needs to find the best romantic places, which will enhance your love and make your bond stronger. There are many places that you can discover outside India, but India truly has some beautiful romantic destinations which you should try out.

Love is in the Air here

Once you reach these places, you will automatically fall in love with the place and, of course, with each other.

Munnar (Kerala): The most romantic destination from South India where mountains and backwaters call for love. The lush green nature, coffee plantations, lakes and houseboats make it a picture perfect destination for a love struck couple. To make it more romantic, one can book a houseboat and enjoy their stay. It is beautiful to stare at the sky at night from a houseboat especially in a full moon night. You can enjoy a spa session together and also take a drive on a bike to the mountains of Wayanad.

Udaipur (Rajasthan): Want to experience a royal honeymoon in Rajasthan? Then Udaipur is the right place for you. The museums and the palaces make it royally romantic. The beautiful lake Pichola and the boat ride in it is a perfect date idea. One can also book the palace turned royal hotels for their stay to make it more romantic.

Goa: Well, everyone knows that there is no more a place romantic than Goa in India. The beaches and the soft sands, the shores and the nature, everything about Goa is perfect for a honeymoon couple. The shimmering sun on the beach and the Portuguese architecture and the churches make it a lovely place to spend time together. Add on are the energetic night life, some delicious seafood and a perfect drink. Everything is so romantic about Goa that you just cannot help but fall in love again.

Andaman and Nicobar Island: Again this is an ideal place for honeymoon. The coral laden seas and the soft beaches make it a very nice experience. If you are adventure loving, then there are some exciting under water sports and paragliding which you can enjoy. The light house and the isles and a dinner on the white sand beach increase the passion and love between couples. One can also enjoy the spectacular sunset in the Sunset point with their soul mates.

The best part of honeymoon is a couple gets the most time to spend with each other. If you travel by train, then do not forget to enjoy the train food delivery system, which serves some delicious and good foods.