Best Personalized Party Favors

There is nothing like a good party!  Getting together with a group of friends, sharing laughs and wonderful times always means making great memories.  You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to throw a party with some fantastic favors either.  Here are a few ideas for some fun parties to throw this year along with favor ideas to go with them.

Roaring 20’s Garden Tea Party

Even the name is fun.  On beautiful days, especially in spring, host an outdoors party and encourage guests to dress up like it was the 1920’s again.  Play some swingy jazz music in the background, break out the old-fashioned lawn games, and pour a little hooch in that tea!  A great party favor to go with this party is photo tile coasters so you have a place to set your tea.  You can customize these coasters to have famous images from the 20’s on them such as girls in flapper get up, jazz singers, black and white pictures of the stars like Charlie Chaplin or Clara Bow, mobsters, speakeasies, and anything else the era brings to mind.  You could also have them say the date of the party and have pictures of the guests.  The ideas with these personalized coasters are endless.
Totally 80’s Party
This is another popular decade for themed parties.  Put on some 80’s tunes or old music videos, your best neon colors and get ready for a gnarly party, dude!  Have a costume contest for best dressed with categories like biggest teased hair and best acid washed jeans.  Hold an 80’s trivia contest, and have the prizes be silly things from the 80’s such as cassette tapes, VHS tapes, Rubick’s Cubes and jelly bracelets.  The coasters could also be used for this party, with pictures of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Hulk Hogan, Freddy Kruger and other 80’s icons, you could even have one that simply says “I love the 80’s”.  Other favors could include slap bracelets, anything Care Bear, Transfomer, or Strawberry Shortcake themed.  You could also give out cheap sunglasses with tags that say “I wear my sunglasses at night”.
Epic Halloween Party
Candy, costumes and scares, could a party get any more fun?  Halloween parties are a great time to get creative as there can be endless themes.  Have a mad scientist theme, a sophisticated black and white horror theme, or even a ghost story party where people tell their best tales!  No matter what the theme, get inventive with the food.  Freeze waster in a plastic glove, peal the glove away and put the ghostly hand in the punch.  Make graveyard cupcakes by crumbling Oreos on top for dirt, adding a cookie for a headstone, and writing RIP in frosting.  Don’t forget the candy!  As far as party favors go, the spookier the better.  The Freddy Kruger tile coasters you have left over from the 80’s party can also be used here!  Make small witch brooms from a partially shredded paper bag, a stick for the handle and a string to keep the two together.  Fill these with candy corn and you have a wonderful treat.
There are too many great parties to throw and not enough time!  A few more ideas include a football tailgate party, a Chinese new year’s party, A 007 themed party, a masquerade party, a wine tasting party (you can also use the coasters here!), A big top circus party, a 50’s themed party, a fondue party, an Oscars party, a luau… you get the idea!
Throwing a great party only needs some good music, great food, and of course, some creative party favors.  Use the ideas above to help get you started today.
Hugh Parker is the owner of, a place where you can create custom tile coasters and other personalized gifts.