Best Sales Management Software

Best Sales Management Software

Traditionally, sales data bases were just lists of names and contact details. They often had product names and meeting times attached to them. Those data bases were not flexible, contained a lot of information, and their users were not able to navigate them easily. However, even the abundance of information did not guarantee that you could get all you needed to know from them.

In order to develop really productive customer relationships, businesses have to take care of such important areas as online activity, customer profiles, connections with other network members and other instrumental details that were not part of the old-style customer software. Bpm’online offers the ability to focus on customers in a more successful way through its best software for sales management.

Why sales management software is important

Customers can’t be seen as just customers any more, they represent connections. Now, new sales strategies have to take into consideration linking up with data, devices, and social networks. That relates not only to customer sales but also to business-to-business relations that have been turning into an intelligent and mobile network connecting different parts of the planet.

An old-fashioned customer database that you regarded as an address book connected to a transaction list is not able to process that amount of information that companies have now. That is where software for sales management comes in, offering a full view of a client’s interactions, sales history, and many other vital details. The result of using this type of CRM will be long-lasting relationships with customers and solid contracts.

Four top sales management solutions


Bpm’online sales management software is worth giving it a try. The product developed by bmp’online is a cloud CRM system for automation of sales force. It has the following attractive features that help sell more and stay ahead of competition:

  • It offers a comprehensive system of sales management processes that serve as best practices. Those processes allow effective use of this CRM product by companies.
  • It helps manage a complete customer journey from lead to order and further – to continuous relationships with existing and new clients. Besides, this software for sales management connects such vital areas as service, sales, and marketing.
  • It delivers practical interface that users enjoy so much. The interface developed by bpm’online is easy to navigate regardless of devices used by the company employees: laptop, phone, or tablet.


Salesforce CRM software is the product that connects customers and data. The company insists that properly integrated sales management software can provide a comprehensive picture of a customer. The CRM product offered by this company has the following features:

  • The company provides its tools to turn big data into a big advantage. Sales management tools allow to capture large quantities of information and handle it usefully by separating vital details from irrelevant data. However, while dealing with data, this software allows to focus on the whole customer journey rather than on separate details.
  • Salesforce promises that its smart tools will change the whole process of selling products by companies. Its cloud-based technology makes it possible to take into consideration products, customers, and social dimensions.
  • Its tools offer customization of your solutions through extensive functionality of the company’s CRM. As the enterprise that uses Salesforce tools grows, it can add more of its capable and elaborate functions and build its CRM system.


QuickBase sales management software offers its CRM software and management applications. This platform allows integration of data and makes your applications work together. The cloud-based tools that this company developed are easily customizable and have the following features:

  • This product helps end useless operations and produce monthly spreadsheets by merging data that comes from dozens of agents. CRM resources provide opportunities to track leads and update statistics in one cloud-based data base.
  • It allows management of your leads in your own way. This software for sales management lets you quickly configure sales management applications so that they would align with your company’s unique processes. Your staff can efficiently and promptly customize CRM solutions developed just for your business.
  • It empowers your staff with real-time data. Easy-to-manage dashboards allow to share the right information with your employees, managers, partners, and other individuals. If you need data from other applications, you quickly connect with other cloud applications and synchronize data automatically.


Bitrix24 sales management software is the tool that is available both as self-hosted and in-cloud solution. This CRM system supports full sales cycle and features more than 20 tools. This software offers tools to take you from leads to deal, and from quote – to invoice and has the following advantages:

  • This platform is the world’s leading free sales management solution that is used by numerous companies and organizations. This software is free for 12 users and is available in cloud and for on-premise deployment.
  • This software is strong in lead management. Those people who call your office, send your company an email message, or fill out a form on the company’s website will be automatically registered as leads in your company’s database.
  • This platform allows email marketing. You can use your CRM to send email messages since it has all the necessary tools to create templates. Besides, this sales management software records the whole history of communications with clients in one place.