Undiscovered Locations In Italy

Getting off the tourist trail is always exciting. If you go in Italy, you will find out small spots you’ve never heard of. There are incredible destinations in Italy that are often overlooked by travelers.

Find out undiscovered spots in Sicily

For all that Sicily has to offer, it remains charmingly undiscovered and unspoiled in Italy. You will discover some of the most beautiful baroque architecture in the world. For example, plan a trip to Modica if you want to see some of the most beautiful Sicilian baroque architecture. You can also visit the town of Ragusa in order to spot the Baroque church of San Giorgio as well as the church of San Giuseppe. For any other secret places, head to Erice to sight see the Castello di Venere or the Pepoli Castle.

Apart from that, there are islands where you will learn an unusual history and see amazing natural sights. As a case in point, if you visit one of the Egadi Islands, expect to see a serenely undeveloped aquatic with ancient limestone quarries such as Cala Rossa. And if you are in search of the best hidden hotels in Sicily, you can stay at Cave Bianche.

Don’t overlook the Civic Gallery of Modern Art that is a marvellous art gallery in Sicily. However, how to get there? Getting to this undiscovered spot can involve long hours driving, you can consider hiring a luxury car in Sicily. It will also help you access to any other underrated places nearby.

Pay a visit to Puglia to see all the hidden gems there

There are unusual smaller towns in Puglia you shouldn’t miss out. The major cities in the region offer unspoiled sandy beaches, rocky limestone cliffs and endless vineyards. It is likely that Puglia isn’t the first place you think of when contemplating great beach resorts.

However, it is a land of sea and sun, which is hugged by two incredible seas. Puglia is exceptional indeed, yet its cultural heritage, and its mysterious sites. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars you can enjoy. On the other hand, you will find amazing and mysterious cave churches. Visitors can explore Baroque and Romanesque churches that are often underestimated.

In addition to all of these places, you should uncover the trulli that is Puglia’s most unique huts with conical roofs. If you go in Alberobello, a small town located in the South East of Puglia, you will uncover those Trulli homes. Besides, the trulli is the perfect choice for one looking for a home away from home.

Head in Cinque Terre

Why not veer off the beaten path for a little adventure? Situated in the Liguria region, Cinque Terre encompasses five glorious towns. One of the best preserved natural and semi-natural areas remains in Cinque Terre. It offers the most impressive panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. People can pass through vineyards. There is a huge stretch of clean white sand where you can enjoy a shore side swim.

Plus, visiting Cinque Terre is a different side to Italy by leaving the well-known for hiking. You will see much more interesting things. However, it is true that this region is not the quickest or easiest place to get to, but it is worth seeing to see how beautiful and unique is. In fact, this place is only accessible by train and footpath, not by any other means of transportation.