Biggest Bingo Wins Of All Time

Many people dream of striking it lucky and winning a fortune. People who have big dreams or high hopes for the future dream about all the things they would be able to do if they suddenly received a large sum of money. However, for many bingo players this dream has become a reality. Here are details of some of the luckiest people on the planet, how much they won and how they spent the money that Lady Luck bestowed on them.

Image courtesy of Crystian Cruz, Flickr
A group effort
An impressive $319 million was won by seven IT workers from Albany in the state of New York on March 25th, 2011. The IT workers told the press that they planned to spend their winnings on college educations for their children, a new dishwasher and tyres.
Mega Millions awarded a group of anonymous bingo players a cool $330 million on August 31st, 2007. Seems like group playing could be the way to go to win big!
Earliest big bingo millionaire
This title was snapped up on April 16th 2002 by a group of people in the states of Georgia, Illinois and New Jersey. One of the winners of this impressive prize wisely told the media that; “I’ll make my money work for me instead of blowing it all.” Hopefully their foresight will enable them to remain rich for the rest of their lives.
The winners of the $340 million prize did not seem to share the sentiments of the previous winner. When this team from Oregon was awarded their bingo cash prize in October of 2005 they reportedly used the money to purchase a 6,400 square metre home that came complete with a pool, a 30 foot long water slide, a hot tub and an impressive six acres of land!
Winning is not always smooth sailing
As some people discover, winning a large sum of money sometimes brings certain problems with it. On September 28th, 2009 one of the winners of the $336 million told the press that he found himself being constantly hounded by people for hand outs.
A single mother from Rathdrum, Idaho also found herself faced with problems when she won $340 million back in 2011. The single mother suddenly realised that her divorce had never been finalised and went into hiding to prevent her husband from claiming half of her prize money.
However, some people are able to take winning millions in their stride and simply enjoy life. In 2007 a 52-year-old truck driver won a cool $390 million. However, rather than panicking or rushing out to spend the money, when they media asked the man what he planned to do he told them that he was going fishing.
Eight strike it lucky in Nebraska
On February 18th, 2006 seven men and one woman shared a staggering $365 million prize. It was reported that two of these lucky winners were immigrants from Vietnam, while another winner originally hailed from the Congo.
Charitable big winner
On February 11th, 2012 one very kind hearted bingo player from Rhode Island scooped up $336 million. However, instead of keeping all the money for herself and her family, the winning housewife used some of her fortune to start the Rainbow Sherbert Trust.
Of course, nobody can really predict who the next big bingo winner will be or how much they will win. The only thing we can know for sure is that you have to be in it to win it. So, if you’re feeling lucky, pay a visit to your favourite online bingo site today.
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