How To Make A Room Look Bigger

Space is premium in real estate. A house with huge halls can cost an arm and a leg. Most people prefer a small apartment to stay on top of the costs. But a small room can sometimes feel suffocating and claustrophobic. Read on to find tips to make your small room look bigger.

Do not fill the room with mirrors
Contrary to popular belief, a mirror won’t help a small room. Consider this. You have a small room and more often than not, it is filled with your furniture/appliances/gadgets, etc. The mirrors will just reflect all those things in your room making it look like you have more. It defeats the purpose of ‘creating’ more space because it just makes your room look cluttered.

Do not put super big furniture
Putting big furniture in a small room does work if you get the correct size of furniture. Having a super big piece in a tiny room can be overwhelming unless that’s the only thing that’s in the room. Make sure that it’s proportional to the room size.

Install Sliding Doors
Install wall-to-wall sliding doors to really open up a room. For more space, opt for a folding sliding door. Unlike a conventional sliding door, you can open up a folding sliding door and just push it to one side. You get more space because the folding sliding doors only fill up a portion of the room. It also allows natural light to enter your house making it brighter, thus making it look bigger. A folding sliding door also makes your room a refreshing space.

Install Windows
Windows function just like the sliding doors. The only difference is you can’t open them the way you open a folding sliding door. Windows also make a room look bright and cheery.

Hang Art
If you have an awkward looking distant space, transform that space by hanging some art. Your art need not be expensive. You can take a picture that you like, print it and frame it. By hanging an interesting piece at a distant space, you force the eyes to focus on that space and make the room seem bigger.

Remove Clutter
All the tips above wouldn’t matter if your room is a mess. You must try to make an effort to maintain your room’s cleanliness. It is after all, a small space so it wouldn’t be a problem to clean it once in a while. Pick up the clutter on the floor. Spend 5 minutes each day to put things back to their proper places.

Make your small room bigger with a few creative tricks and a dedication to keep it clutter-free.

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