Had A Serious Injury? Let Your iPhone Help You

Apps are becoming the quickest and simplest way to access info you need as you need it – and in the case of injuries when you might not be able to see a doctor straight away, or first aid is needed before medical help arrives, using an app already uploaded to your iPhone can save precious minutes before treatment – and ultimately, lives.
The government is currently drawing up plans for NHS GPs to prescribe apps to patients to help them manage long-term conditions like asthma and diabetes.
Download some life saving apps now – it could just save your life.

If you play sports or enjoy DIY, downloading a First Aid app just in case of accidents is a quick way to get medical advice before you get to a doctor. iFirstAidLite offers advice on treating everyday injuries like burns and how to stem bleeding from wounds. If you are overseas and have an accident, the app can trace the number of a local doctor and dial the number for you.
PhoneAid is an app which offers an A-Z of illnesses, injuries and medical conditions, including childbirth – so is essential for expectant mums and dads. Common injuries like bee stings are also covered, plus treatments and how to apply compression pads to treat swelling and bruising. The A-Z format makes the app easy to use and navigate.
What’s My Injury? App
What’s My Injury? App is available from iTunes and helps users diagnose injuries and sports injuries focusing on areas of the body and symptoms. The app is also for those already diagnosed with a musculoskeletal injury who need remote support and medical advice about managing their injury. Whether you have a sprained big toe or a hamstring injury – or suspect you might have – the What’s My Injury? App is on your case.
Lumosity Brain Trainer App
The Lumosity Brain Trainer App has been developed those recovering from brain injury through an accident or stroke – or brain function impairment as a result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The free app has exercises which cover memory, speed, flexibility, problem solving and attention – and users can choose the exercises they want to do daily.
RescueKit is an essential app for hikers and biker, skiers and snowboards, fly-drives and tourists, sailors and hangliders everywhere. The app tracks emergency services in a wide range of countries and offer the numbers to need to get out of a sticky situation, including ambulance, fire, police and rescue services in any country. There is also a worldwide emergency number to dial. The app helps emergency services locate your exact position, so help can be on its way as soon as possible.
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