Blending Neatness And An Aesthetic Look For Kitchen Pantry Storage

A kitchen is the heart of your home and shouldn’t merely be spick and span or a modern looking place. It should be cheery and welcoming and also foodalicious. As your kitchen is a zone where you have to do a lot of storing of various items, it is important to blend neatness with the aesthetically pleasing and hit on some innovative ways to showcase goodies like cookies, herbs and spices. This will not only make it seem warm and inviting but also help in making it appear more a part of the home. Who wouldn’t want to walk in a room where biscuits and nuts are artistically displayed and edible as well?

Divide and rule
Division drawers are perfect to store a bunch of cutlery all in one place and so have an easier time when you have to serve things at short notice. A partition can be made for crockery and you can have napkins stacked in the same drawer.

Stacking and snacking
Keeping snacks in easy reach or storing extra coffee and sugar cubes can also add to the beauty of your kitchen – try container stacking. Use transparent containers so that you can visually see the biscuits, cookies or cashews stored inside. Place them one on top of the other on a shelf or wall recess using the taller containers at the bottom. It can be even be stacked to form a square or triangular look.

Don’t forget the kitchen table
The kitchen table deals with food and if it is a feast for the eyes and saves on pantry storage, then the faster you get it set up the better. Have a shelf made beneath the top of the table to stack all your spices and pulses in glass jars. A glass topped table is ideal for a decorative table arrangement and also to store away extra spices.

Be lazy
A lazy susan is perfect to store utensils in awkward corners and also have them all in easy reach. A rolling cart can also be a perfect way to stack utensils or appliances in easy reach and is perfect for industrial appeal. If you happen to have neglected a corner space, then install a pull out cabinet rack to hold food stuff like packets of tea, coffee, rice, pulses, olive oil bottles or sauces.

Hang it up
Behind cabinet doors, you can have racks for dishcloth or paper towel bags. Plastic bag like holders can be fixed on an empty wall space to hold lighter things like taco and noodle packets. You can even have this installed behind cabinets. Or use plastic shoe holders instead. You can also mount a rack basket beneath a shelf to store biscuit or dry fruit packets.

Be innovative
Store vegetables like onion, potatoes and garlic in weave baskets and place them in cabinets built under your countertop. Have a few weave baskets hang from the ceiling. Or if utensils under the counter serve your purpose better, then have a pull out drawer with partitions to hold covers on the top and sauce pans and pots at the bottom.

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