Budgeting For Home Maintenance And Repair Costs

So, you have a new beautiful home and want to make sure it stays that way. The good news is that it is possible, and you should know that home maintenance comes with a great prize. Simply because having a skilled person like a plumber and a handyman to fix your home when problems occur can cost you a lot of money. In some case you might encounter someone who claim to be experienced and know about the job in question, only to find out in the meanwhile they don’t know what they are doing in and even cause more damage to your property. These things happen in real life and this is the reason why you should pay attention to some of the tips listed below.


Let’s start outside with the chair cushions, we all know that the more we use them, the more the get flattened and it might be because they have moisture in them, some people might even throw them away. Well the good news is you don’t have to do that.  You can bring those flattened cushions back to life with a little sunshine to dry all the moisture out, but don’t lay them in the sun for a long time otherwise they will start to fade.


Keep your eyes open on those carpet installation specials or promotions on TV at your nearby home maintenance retailers. A lot of places will even give you a free carpet installation or offer it to you a low-cut price depending one the season and a certain time of the year. When you come across these types sales, my advice is to not hesitate, but go for it. As we all know, often these types of sales only came once a year and therefore you will have to wait for next year to see a deal like that again and sometimes the price on offer now might differ drastically from previous year due to currency depreciation and a lot other reasons, so it better the take the offer when you get a chance because a full carpet installation can at times cost more than buying a carpet.


Other problems that often occur are plumbing issues, such as loss of water pressure, this can be very simple to fix. Before you panic, first speak to your neighbours and see if they have had the same problem, if they do, then you know you might not have to be the only one to pay for it. If they don’t then try to see if it is the case everywhere in your home and see if you can fix the issue alone first, but if you cannot then you might need to call in a professional. 

You dream of keeping your home beautiful does not have to be a nightmare or cost you millions for maintenance, with these helpful of tips listed above, I think you should do just fine.

Hazel is a real estate agent in South Africa and recently wrote an article about constantia property.