California Cuts Cause Threats to Universities

Image from New York Times
Image from New York Times

The Californian universities leave millions of students worried about their future as class sizes have increased along with the tuition fee. The number of courses being offered in the summer session has also drastically dropped which worry the students about finishing their education on time. The school administration is highly reliant upon the demand for tutoring sessions from those outside the state. The matters could get even worse in the near future if the rise in taxation proposal by Jerry Brown, governor is left unaccepted by this year. The officials in charge have gone as far as to state that there may be a possibility of eliminating many school programs if the situation remains.

The California University System has remained to be one of the best in the whole world and have been home to Berkeley, UCLA and other such respected institutions which students dream of going to, from all over the world. The quality of education and the opportunities extended by these universities attract foreign students as well as local ones who want it to be the start of their future.

However, this fame and respect is now being threatened due to the budget cuts by the state and although the universities have tried to counter the cuts that they are facing, it is still becoming quite difficult to cope up to the recent setbacks.  Many administrations have passed statements assuring the students that their universities will not be affected by the current situation and that education systems will remain as they were. Concerns have still been raised about whether the university systems will be able to fulfill what they claim and remain unaffected.

Timothy White, University of California Chancellor states, “I’d be lying if I said what we offer students hasn’t been changed and that there hasn’t been a degradation of the learning environment.” The university has experienced much growth in recent years and had plans of extending their system towards medical fields but they were encircled by these budget cuts as well. It was noted that the list of academic counselors slowly dropped from 500 to just about 300 and these were responsible of catering to about 18,000 students. The quality of education was seen to be declining as the instructors demanded fewer assignments because they did not have any assistants who would help them grade the course work.

It is also being noticed that apparently no one is in the favor of budget cuts from the education department but there is little that can be done after assessing the current situation. The president of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Jon Coupal says that these budget cuts from higher education are just an initial step and that the colleges and educational institutions should also start considering other measures that would help cope with these cuts. It was also proposed that the less popular programs should be abolished so that costs can be saved since these extra courses were not exactly of any benefit to neither the students nor the state itself.

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