Consumption of Dark Chocolate Could Help Battle Heart Diseases

A recently conducted scientific research left thousands of chocoholics extremely delighted and happy to find the several nutritious facts about their favorite eatery. It has been recently found that the daily consumption of chocolates for ten continuous years can reveal marvelous results in reducing the risk of suffering from heart problems such as heart attacks, strokes and other hazards. This came out to be quite an easy, convenient and fun way of reducing and fighting against this gradually growing disease.

Some Australian researchers came up with the idea of conducting a mathematical model that would help in analyzing the future benefits of chocolate and also provide a certain kind of forecast of how well dark chocolate types act to reduce the risk of a metabolic syndrome which is a condition whereby the heart may suffer from various kinds of heart diseases at any point in life. Their study was to be carried out by selecting a number of people and making them consume chocolate.

According to their findings and their predictions, the consumption and daily use of chocolate would successfully be able to reduce the risk of 70 kinds of non-fatal heart conditions as well as 15 types of serious heart diseases that might prove to be life threatening. They also predict that within the next 10 years, this strategy might be able to save the lives of almost 10,000 heart patients or potential patients.

The researchers also drew out a cost plan and how financially straining this would be for the people and derived that this will just round up to approximately $40 annually or 25 pounds which was quite reasonable as compared to the kinds of treatment one has to seek if they suffer from these heart diseases. This led them to suggest that this chocolate therapy could prove to be an effective heart condition cure.

However, an important thing to note here is that this research and results were found particularly for dark chocolate consumption and did not apply to the regular milky chocolates of any sort. The possible reason behind this discovery was that dark chocolates are high in consistency of flavonoids which are the main ingredient in the prevention of these diseases. The findings of this research gained much popularity and were also published in the British Medical Journal under the preventive measures of heart diseases.
The researchers also clearly stated that these findings are yet to be proven and may just be in the testing phase. They stressed that the chocolate lovers need not get too excited with this discovery and it should still be taken care of, if the consumption will actually bring about the suspected changes and advantages. Kenneth Ong is a doctor at Brooklyn Hospital Center who again emphasized on the need to keep a look out for confirmed results about this research.

He also said, “I suspect that consuming dark chocolate every day for 10 years may have unintended adverse consequences. The additional sugar and caloric intake may negatively impact patients in this study, who are overweight and glucose intolerant to begin with.”

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