Can An RV Be Your Home Away From Home?

Can an RV be Your Home Away From Home?

For some people, cruising the open road is a way of life; for others, RVs are the preferred choice of camping accommodations. No matter which category you fall into, you want your trailer to be as comfortable as your home. The camping trailers of today have come a long way since the Airstream trailers our grandparents used to pull. If you’re wondering why so many people have fallen in love with camping trailers, here are five amenities that can be found in some of the best RVs:

1.Loaded Kitchen

If you have pictures of cramped kitchens filled with small appliances when it comes to camping trailers, you couldn’t be more wrong. If cooking is your thing, you don’t have to leave your passion at home. Today’s trailers come packed with loaded kitchens that are filled to the gills with modern appliances. You can easily find trailers with four-door refrigerators, freezers, Corian counter tops, counter top extensions and propane stoves made especially for high-elevation cooking.

2.Ample Storage Space

Finding space for storage in an RV used to be rather difficult. In a modern RV, your choice of storage space is almost endless, as trailer manufacturers have become more creative in their designs. You can find trailers with bedroom closets that span the width of the trailer, overhead storage, kitchen storage and even furniture that doubles as well-designed storage space.

3.Creature Comfort

There’s nothing that can ruin a holiday faster than an uncomfortable family. Thankfully, trailer engineers know this and have created campers that feature all of the creature comforts of home. It’s not uncommon to find trailers with solar panels, large capacity water heaters, generators, inverters and better black tank cleaning systems. Couple these amenities with fabulous living and bedroom furniture, cozy captains’ chairs and perfectly designed bathrooms, and you’ve got a true home on wheels.

4.Powerful Entertainment

If you traveled in a trailer when you were a child, there’s little doubt that you remember covering rabbit-ear antennas with tin foil to find your favorite cartoon on the portable television set. Today’s children will never experience the frustrations of fuzzy reception and poor sound quality from the television in their trailer. Modern campers are outfitted with flat-screen televisions, gaming systems and surround sound that can rival any theater in the country.

5.Outdoor Haven

If you are using your trailer for camping, the outside of your vehicle can be just as important as its interior. Trailer designers are becoming more aware that campers want their RVs to be as comfortable outside as they are in, and are coming up with great external amenities. You can purchase your RV complete with a sliding porch, electric awning, slide covers, window awnings, and even custom-placed entrances. There are dozens of amenities that can be added to the exterior of campers to make outdoor experiences as pleasant as the ones that are had inside.
Don’t neglect to consider renting a recreational vehicle if your family loves to camp or travel on a regular basis. The modern RV is a virtual home on wheels, making the vehicles a popular alternative to hotel rooms and resorts. If you take an RV trip with your family this summer, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how far campers have come.
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