Can Smoking An Electronic Cigarette Satisfy A Smoking Craving?

The concept of an electronic cigarette that can give the user all of the chemical and psychological satisfactions of smoking a real cigarette, but with virtually none of the personal and public health and safety concerns, is certainly a novel idea. It’s no wonder that over the past couple of years, there has been a tremendous amount of buzz surrounding the product, and a huge number of people that have broken long relationships with their old favorite brand of smokes to give them a try out of sheer curiosity.

Why Change What’s Already Familiar?

One of the most important questions people ask themselves before they decide to buy an electronic cigarette a try is whether or not it will give them the same soothing feelings of relaxation that traditional cigarettes do. Obviously, if it’s a healthier, more guilt-free solution to them, then a lot of them are intrigued based on that fact alone. They’re just hoping that smoking what appears to them to be an imitation cigarette can be as satisfying as the real thing, or if their body will know the difference, and still crave a more genuine smoking session.

Is It as Good as The “Real Thing?”

The simple answer is “yes.” Chemically speaking, an electronic cigarettes are capable of delivering roughly the same dose of nicotine to the body’s bloodstream that a regular cigarette can, and is therefore equally capable of satisfying cravings. It also does so in a manner that’s far less detrimental to the body’s long-term health.

Because the user is inhaling vapor rather than actual smoke, soot never entered the lungs, and breathing is never impaired, even over very long-term use. Also, the electronic versions do not contain any of the freebased chemicals that are used to treat cigarettes during their production process, resulting in a product that can be enjoyed with a much greater peace of mind.

A More Courteous Way to Smoke?


As if that wasn’t enough, the electronic smoking alternative also poses no health risk to people that might happen to be near you whenever you decide to take a “smoke break.” By now, practically everyone has heard of the dangers of second-hand smoking, especially for exposed children. For that reason, it’s comforting to know that the exhaled by-product of an electronic cigarette is merely water vapor.

This means that not only is it a healthier solution for everybody involved, but it also is allowed out in public venues that might disallow traditional smoking. This is one of those cases where folks that are willing to venture out and try new things are rewarded with the freedom to be able to enjoy their new indulgence virtually anywhere.

It’s just one of the many reasons why many physicians, as well as public health officials in many metropolitan areas are coming out in full support of this high-tech wave of the future. There are several manufacturers of electronic smoking alternatives that are sensitive to the fact that some people might be wary of the concept. They’re so confident in their product that some of them are willing to offer free trials, and sample kits. Anyone that’s tried to get away from their regular cigarettes in the past owes it to themselves to reach out a bit, and try out something new for a change.

This article is written on behalf of E Cigarette provider, Vaporus.

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  1. The scientific evidence about nicotine dependence and why many/most smokers smoke more than a dozen cigarettes per day are vastly different issues than the propaganda issued by anti-tobacco extremists/prohibitionists.

    While scientific evidence has long confirmed that there is no “one size fits all” with smokers (as 25% of cigarette smokers don’t smoke daily, which is something that you won’t hear from CDC, FDA, CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, ASH, etc.), this research similarly and further challenges the conventional view that cigarette smoking is entirely caused by nicotine addiction.

    Similarly, it appears pretty clear that there also is no “one size fits all” about e-cigarettes users, as some use no-nicotine products, and others supplement e-cigarette with higher level e-liquid and/or other tobacco/nicotine products to satisfy their cravings and/or desires.

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