Can You Wear Tinsel And Still Look Classy? Dressing For The Office Party

The answer, quite simply, is YES. Of course you can! Abso-bloomin’-lutely. One of the key things I’ve learned from my years on this earth is that you have to find joy where you can.

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If that means knickers that sing Jingle Bells or tinsel-adorned Mary Janes, then so be it. Other people may not appreciate your elven élan, but those people are sad and cold inside their hearts. And that’s no reason why you shouldn’t carry it off with gracious panache right in their faces.

Firstly, tinsel is shiny. Shiny things are good, we know this. Shiny things attract the eyes of prospective mates like amorous budgies – and who doesn’t want a bit of flirty flattery around Christmas? I have also found the following to be true: shiny things make you happier; shiny things distract the eye from mince pie mistakes; shiny things make your boring normal everyday orphan drudgery clothes look like wonderful, sparkling jewels. Case closed.

The Office Christmas Party

If you can manage to put yourself in charge of the decorations for a Christmas office – or even the entire party – first think about the most important question of all: what will YOU be wearing? Co-ordinate a show-stopping grotto of gorgeousness that just happens to match your outfit to perfection; because after all, nothing says classy Christmas like a subtly accessorized desk-and-shoe spectacular. And when the baubles are down, anything that twinkles is a winner.

For the discerning Yuletide Yummy, a well-crafted mix of sweetie wrapper colours, softly glowing lights and glitter on EVERYTHING will ensure you’re the – jingle – belle of the ball. Just because – baby – it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t heat things up on the fashion front.

The very best thing about Christmas (apart from presents) is that you can wear reindeer jumpers, sequinned jackets and sparkly deely boppers to work – and no one will bat an eyelid. The rest of the year you’ll be judged like nobody’s business, but Christmas? Christmas is special. Christmas has its own air of shiny, florid madness. Even people who claim to hate Christmas will find themselves irresistibly drawn to ‘fun’ jumpers and ‘crazy’ hats. It’s just what we do.

What will you be wearing this Christmas party season? And what’s going to be on your desk as you count down the days to the most magical day of the year? Tell me, I need something to get me through November

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Honor Clement-Hayes is an ardent admirer of all the sparkly, shiny and shimmery things that Christmas brings.Her decorative ideas are inspired by Ambius and their bespoke interior landscaping expertise.