Catch World-Class Fish In Costa Rica

There are few destinations in the world that compare with the country for sheer magnificence as a sport fishing destination. Any number of factors can be attributed to this special appeal, not least, its auspicious geography: The mainland of Costa Rica runs in a northwest to southeast direction, eliminating the problem of rough seas. It’s for this reason that many serious anglers regard Costa Rica as sport fishing’s best-kept secret.


The dazzling abundance and variety of fish types have played into its favor in this regard, as is the undreamed of proximity to deep-water fishing zones -A short run from the shore, for instance, can bring you into the path of a 600-pound marlin. Then there are the fantastic amenities of purpose-designed world-class charter boats and the obliging hospitality which makes a fishing trip every bit as convenient and enjoyable as it should be.

When Is the Right Time?

Fishing prospects are excellent throughout the year, so depending on what you’d like to catch, there is really no “bad” time for a thrilling expedition. No international angler’s wish list is complete without the desire to experience a struggle with the graceful sailfish. At the the right time of ‘the year, it’s not uncommon to catch as many as 20 of these in a single day. From January, through to April, marlin and sailfish are at their most profuse, especially in the Southern regions like the Osa Peninsula, right up towards the central pacific coast. Their numbers remain strong through to November. The rainy season, lasting from May through to November in the South, brings with it more dorada while tuna occur all year round. Wahoo, grouper, amberjack and rainbow runner also roam Costa Rican offshore waters in abundance, while inshore; you can expect to find snook and red-snapper. Some are fortunate enough to experience one of Costa Rica’s more peculiar marvels like an exhilarating fight with a record-size roosterfish. You may also find yourself in a feverish struggle with a snapper which feels more like a runaway freight train at the end of your line, or manage to land a 300-hundred-pound Tuna.

No two trips are the same, but in Costa-Rica, with its underwater wilderness ready to unravel a new adventure at any moment, this is particularly true. Anyone who has been to Costa Rica to catch its world-class fish will know that the sheer magnificence and exhilaration of the place can’t be summed up in words, but Costa Rica Sport fishing is best experienced.

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