Suspect An Upcoming Proposal? Hint At The Perfect Ring!

Proposals are exciting, life-changing events—particularly when you know they are coming but don’t know when your boyfriend will pop the question! But there is a certain degree of anxiety associated with a surprise proposal. Will he pick a ring that you love? What will you do if you hate the setting he has chosen? To avoid these fears, you can provide hints to lead him to the perfect ring.

You can’t tell him what kind of a ring you like unless you know what settings, styles, and stones you are drawn to. Get online and do some research to find the ring of your dreams. Remember, though, that rings don’t always look the same on the World Wide Web as they do in person. For this reason, it’s a great idea to go visit some jewelry stores and try on a variety of styles. You never know—you may fall in love with a setting that you completely overlooked online!

Once you have chosen the ring that you love, or have narrowed it down to a few, it’s time to start dropping hints! Here are a few ways in which you can influence your boyfriend’s ring purchase.

  1. Print out pictures of your favorites and leave them in a place where your boyfriend will see them. For example, you may leave them on the bathroom counter at night so he finds them when he wakes up in the morning. Or, for a sneakier approach, try folding them and putting them into his pants pockets. When he gets dressed in the morning he will find your hint.
  2. Supply your parents, siblings, and best friends with pictures of your favorite rings. If your boyfriend is going to call in backup when choosing the perfect setting, he is certain to dial one of their numbers. In this way, your loved ones can champion your cause as they direct your boyfriend to the rings they know you adore.
  3. Bring up the jewelry styles that you like in conversation. For example, ask him what pair of earrings you should wear and, as you talk about it, explain what you like about them. For example, “I love the vintage style of this pair, but the engraving on the other pair is also really beautiful!” Dropping these hints will inform your boyfriend of your taste in jewelry—and help him when picking your ring.
  4. Email links to your favorite designers or styles. Many of today’s jewelry stores have websites that are stocked with a diverse inventory. Oftentimes, you can click a link to email the picture of the ring and all of its specifications. This way, your boyfriend can keep track of the styles you want from his smartphone.
  5. When visiting the mall with your boyfriend, stop by the jewelry store and have a look around. Odds are that he will want your input, so don’t be shy if he asks you to point out the rings you like!

A great ring is the cherry on top of a heartfelt proposal. If your boyfriend is ready to pop the question, he is probably just as worried about whether or not you will like the ring he has chosen as you are. To minimize the stress that both of you feel, take the initiative to help him out by dropping hints about your favorite designers and styles.

This was a guest contribution by Aubree Parsons, blogger and journalist. Parsons writes about parenting, cooking, jewelry, wedding planning, etc…Some of her work can be found for this Primestyle site.