Celine Do Staler, Available At Celinedostaler.ca Is One Of The Best Criminal Defense Law Firms In Ottawa

Celine Do Staler, Available At Celinedostaler.ca Is One Of The Best Criminal Defense Law Firms In Ottawa

Celine Do staler is a reputed, established and well-known criminal lawyer Ottawa, who has successfully helped numerous clients facing criminal charges to receive the best possible and most favorable outcomes in criminal trials. Available at http://www.celinedostaler.ca, the firm specializes in practicing criminal law. Areas of expertise of the firm include the following:

–          Driving under influence, driving over 80, impaired driving and other offences related to driving

–          All kinds of assault charges, domestic assault and sexual assault charges

–          Bail hearings and bail reviews

–          Drug trafficking and other drug related offences

–          Fraud charges

–          Shoplifting, theft and robbery charges

–          Obstruction to police

–          Weapons and firearms charges

–          Search and seizure charges

–          Crimes committed by white collar

–          Young offenders and crime charges on grounds of mischief

Driving related charges are the most common in Canada and Celine Dostaler’s team of DUI lawyer Ottawa, have the necessary knowhow and the expertise to deal with all kinds of driving related offences. The success record of the firm in dealing with driving charges, as well as other types of criminal offences is impressive. This fact can also be seen by the numerous positive testimonials that the firm has received from clients across Ottawa.

This Ottawa DUI lawyer team led by Celine Dostaler is hardworking, dedicated and diligent and has a knowledgeable skill set in the domain of criminal law. Clients can be rest assured that their interests are best protected by this expert team. Celine’s firm is also highly professional and believes in working as closely as possible with clients in order to understand the intricacies of individual cases. The team of professionals makes sure to thoroughly understand the case and offer as effective a solution as possible. Clients are well guided and informed about the trial process and they are also adequately prepared by the team of professionals to face the trial.

Celine Dostaler’s firm understands the implications that criminal charges may have on the lives of clients. This law firm offers a unique approach, promoting an active social lifestyle to clients and makes sure that their professional and personal interests are protected even after trials. This approach has also led to the reduction of long term sentences for a number of clients in the past.

This law firm is highly professional and represents clients across regions of East Ontario. Headquartered in Ottawa, the firm operates every day of the week and Celine’s team answers phone lines 24 hours throughout the day. A free initial face to face consultation is also offered to clients and this is only a representation of the high quality of service that clients can expect when choosing this firm. The firm has the necessary expertise in dealing with all kinds of criminal law charges and this is established with a number of successful cases in the past. It is no wonder that Celine Dostaler’s firm is such a well-known and established law firm with a number of associations with law organizations across Canada. This law firm is highly recommended to individuals in and around Eastern Ontario, who require criminal defense lawyers for any kind of criminal charges, both large and small.