Charlottes 4 Best Late Night Dining Spots

Looking for late night dining in Charlotte? You will not be disappointed. Charlotte has some of the very best late night spots for you. You will find a huge variety of late night spots. If you are into different kinds of foods Charlotte has it. Everything from Japanese to Chinese, American to Italian Charlotte has many more to offer such as The Diamond.

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The Diamond

The Diamond has some of the best food for late nights eat located at 1901 Commonwealth Ave. Since 1945 The Diamond has been serving the Charlotte area. The Diamond has several different foods to tickle your taste buds. They have everything from American, Greek, Italian, and some of the best seafood around. So if you’re out late and want a bite to eat visit The Diamond restaurant. You will not be disappointed.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

Another of Charlotte’s late night eating places Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is located at 1626 East Blvd. in Charlotte. If you’re looking for a late night spot to have a great burger Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is for you. Some of Charlotte’s best burgers are at Bad Daddy’s. They have everything you would want in a burger place. Thick cut burgers served nice and fresh daily with your choice of toppings Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is a great choice. Charlotte has many places to choose from for that late night craving you so desire.

Soul Gastrolounge

Another choice for your late night appetite is Soul Gastrolounge. The Soul Gastrolounge is located at 1500-B Central Ave. in Charlotte. This laid back and unique restaurant has a variety of great food to offer you. Some of the best food and cocktails around the Charlotte area are here. The Soul Gastro lounge has regular dining tables to the more relaxed and comfortable love seat type dining. This restaurant is a must stop for any late night dining.

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Intermezzo Pizzeria

Looking for late night pizza and Italian? Intermezzo Pizzeria and Cafe is a great stop. Located at 1427 East 10th St. in Gorgeous Charlotte. This great pizzeria has the very best hand tossed pizza along with an excellent menu for a variety of pizza including a tasty and great Serbian menu to accompany this great package deal. This European style cafe has been serving the Charlotte area since 2007 with its handmade dough and mozzarella.

The entire Charlotte area has many more late night stops just for you to enjoy. So if you are out late and want a bite to eat or wanting to impress that certain someone you can find places all over Charlotte to go.

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