Penis Enlargement Statistics Defy Recession In UK

British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons announced this week in a feature for the “UK Independent” that cosmetic procedures performed on male’s reached 4300 in 2011. That puts the total number up 6 percent over 2010. These male enhancement procedures come at a time when many UK families are suffering. Widespread economic issues have forced deep cuts and austerity measures by the British government.

This announcement may seem surprising, but sex education professionals say it makes more sense than it may seem. According to sex columnist Tracey Cox, males and females have a growing interest in image and a growing predilection for pornography. Constantly viewing images and videos, readily available, of men enjoying the pleasures of a larger penis adds to the interest in body enhancement. This, professionals claim, is why penoplasty has become so popular.

While nose jobs still rate as the most popular form of male plastic surgery, penis augmentation is rising in popularity, despite the fact that it doesn’t actually increase penis size. By taking away a part of flesh that covers the pubic bone, penoplasty will cause the penis to droop and give the presence of more size and span, when in actuality; it is no bigger, just hanging lesser. Many surgeons will also cut excess fat out from other parts of the body to add size to the penis. While these efforts create the image of a larger penis, they do not improve sexual inadequacy or increase physical extent.

While the appearance of more extent may not increase sexual performance, the feeling of a larger penis can increase self-esteem in men feeling inadequate in a world where pornography is changing perception about penis size. Doctors caution, however, that any surgery comes with inherent risk and significant recovery.

These figures have emboldened some in the penile enlargement field to push penis extender devices. By stretching the penis by tiny increments over time, these devices can lastingly extend the span of the penis without the expense, recovery pain or time constraints of surgery. For an economy in trouble like the UK, saving money on expensive surgery may look pretty good to a populace interested in creating a larger penis.

For some looking to create a larger penis, these logical alternatives will not sink in. If you know someone who is spending thousands they don’t have on plastic surgery, they may have a disease known as body dysmorphic disorder. Click here for more information on this debilitating illness.

Johnn is writing about mens health and the penis enlargement statistics that defied recession in the UK.