Choose The Engagement Ring Cut That Matches Your Personality

When choosing an engagement ring, many people think they only have two choices — princess or solitaire. After all, these two cuts have dominated the market for more than a decade, and with good reason.
The princess, or square cut diamond, is both classic and sporty, and blends with a wide array of wardrobe choices — especially when set in white gold or platinum.
A solitaire is timeless. It is most likely the cut that your mother and even grandmother sport, as it reflects the most light and its round shape is undeniably feminine.
If you choose either of these styles you can breathe easy, knowing they will stand the test of time, but you will hardly stand out from countless other brides out there. For this reason, it might be wise to consider some of the lesser-known diamond cuts available.


Before you laugh at the literal shape of this cut, consider its rarity. When was the last time you saw one?
If you are a kitschy, campy lady in the same vein as Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj, you can pick this quirky shape out of the back jewel case, dust it off, add a dash of confidence and make people wonder why they never thought of it.
Just take a look at your closet. Does it have polka dots, neon and a stash of colored wigs? Check, check and check.
If you are effervescent and the life of any party, there is no reason why glancing down at this sweet number on your ring finger shouldn’t give you a lifetime worth of smiles.


This cut has facets similar to those of the solitaire, so it reflects almost as much light. If you love glittery clothing and costume jewelry, this cut is for you.
The silhouette is just enough to keep it memorable. The oblong shape gives it more presence, but the rounded edges keep it sweet.
This is the perfect choice for the lady who prefers a preppy wardrobe, in colors that are anything but.


This beauty, and its close cousin, the emerald cut, are for the woman who has watched “Atonement” and “Pride and Prejudice” more times than she can count.
If you buy clearance cocktail dresses just because, own a monogrammed robe, and have a penchant for red lips, this style will suit your ladylike aura.
It has the beauty of yesterday, yet those sharp angles will carry it well into the future.
Which diamond cut would you be?
Photo credit:  tiffa130
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