Choosing a Lift Chair with Safety in Mind

It may seem strange to worry about safety regarding a simple chair, but anyone whose ability to stand requires that lifting motion knows that mobility is always a matter of safety. Dropping the remote or sliding out of position can be uncomfortable if not outright dangerous for anyone who cannot readjust due to fatigue, pain, or weakened muscles.

The good news is that today’s lift chairs are truly some of the safest machines on the market – the key is to purchase a chair in the proper size with updated safety features. Look to specialty retailers like USMedicalSupplies for the widest variety of lift chairs and recliners, a huge selection with endless configuration possibilities.

This quick guide will identify some important safety considerations and will offer potential solutions in turn. There is a lift chair out there for everybody; the hard part is finding the perfect match.

The Importance of Fit

Lift chairs may look like comfortable snuggle spots but underneath the puffy upholstery, you’ll find a powerful machine. Fit is extremely important. The chair measurements need to be precise enough to allow the seated person to touch the ground with his or her feet, but the feet should not dangle too far off the footrest when in the recline position. The chair seat should have a deep enough to prevent the occupant from sliding forward but it needs to remain shallow enough to allow for easy standing.

These issues can cause discomfort in otherwise highly mobile people but can present a serious hazard to somebody who already finds swift and coordinated movement difficult. Proper measurements are extremely crucial to the fitting process – ask for help from a seating specialist if you’re having trouble deciding on the specifications for your new chair.

Helpful Safety Features

Every new lift chair should come with some sort of backup power solution. Most plug into a nearby outlet but still contain a hidden battery in the event of a power failure. This is the single most valuable safety feature your lift chair could have. Next, check for other simple but effective safety measures: a corded remote, fireproof upholstery, and self-diagnostic indicators. Other helpful features include constant-pressure buttons on the remote and manual bypass features for the lifting mechanism.

Extending Dependability

The entire safety situation comes down to using the chair properly. Follow the safety instructions in the owner’s manual as closely as possible. Always consult with your physical therapist before buying a lift chair if you feel that any injury or disability may impair your ability to use it – the same applies if you are purchasing the chair as a gift for another person. Routine maintenance ensures that your lift chair will remain dependable and functional as long as you own it. These small factors all add up to one seriously safe machine.

The unexpected is just part of life. No matter how much mobility a person has, no matter how much balance or how quick the reaction time, it is important to treat a lift chair like the powerful technology that it is. They deserve just as much respect as any other household machine or appliance. In the end lift chairs simply provide a dependable and accessible place to relax, and buyers will be able to relax that much more when they know their lift chair is the safest on the market.


Natalie Sage is a freelance article writer that blog contributor! Natalie focuses on medical, health and self-development related topics to help keep everyone focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.