Cooking With The Very Latest Microwave Ovens

Technology has come a long way from the period when the microwave oven was first invented. Patented in 1945, marketed for restaurant use in 1954, and sold to consumers in 1967, the microwave oven began its days as a big, bulky piece of equipment which produced dry and tasteless meat and limp and soggy vegetables.

Modern microwave ovens are a far cry from their ancestors. With functions enabling you to roast a chicken, steam a fish, or even cook a pizza, there’s no limit to what today’s fast cooking microwave oven can do.


All models from the very basic to the advanced allow you to reheat food and most feature auto-reheat buttons which, when the type of food and its weight is entered, automatically calculate the time it will take to thoroughly heat it.


One of the most useful functions of a microwave oven is its defrost setting.Take a joint of lamb, a loaf of bread, or leftovers out of the freezer and it will defrost them in a fraction of the time it takes to defrost naturally – especially handy when you’ve forgotten to take the chicken out of the freezer in time to roast it for Sunday lunch!


Combining normal microwave cooking with a grill component at the top, combination grill microwaves crisp and brown food to give it a better taste and texture, and allow you to make toast or grill cheese, chicken or fish.


Some models are equipped with a built-in steamer to allow you to steam vegetables, fish or chicken – great for a quick, easy and healthy dinner.


As well as microwave power, combination microwave ovens use fanned heat just like conventional ovens, allowing you to roast whole joints of meat, potatoes, and whatever else you can fit in!

Built-in Microwave Ovens

An increasing number of people want a steamlined, integrated kitchen which not only looks great but saves space by freeing up your worktop. Models such as Fisher & Paykel built-in microwave ovens can be positioned just where you want them, putting them out of the reach of children and at the perfect height for handling dishes and keeping an eye on your food.
From creamy scrambled eggs to the perfect rice, hearty casseroles to crisp pizzas, the modern microwave oven can cook a range of dishes and does so far quicker than conventional methods on the hob or in an oven. Make yours work hard for you!
Today’s microwave ovens do so much more than just reheat and defrost food, from roasting a chicken to grilling bacon so choose one that works for you.