Cooling Your Roof This Summer

While everyone is busy travelling to beaches here and there, you should never forget about your home. Always consider its health. Whatever happens, after all the hotel bookings, you ought to go back home. Who would want to rest in a deteriorating home after all the tiring miles? Even your dog will not want that.

The sun will absolutely keep on shining. Summer is fun, especially if you think of waves, tan lines, and barbeques. Summer is the exact opposite if your roof gets extremely heated up, leading to higher air conditioning demands, and therefore unnecessarily increasing your energy costs.

Don’t worry – here are ways to cool your roof this sizzling hot summer season.

  • Plant a tree.

What is a better way to combat the natural heat of the sun? Utilize something of its kind, like nature. One of the functions of a tree is to give shade to anyone and anything. Truly, trees take time to grow and planting should serve as prevention, not as cure. Just be cautious about the distance of the planting site to your house. You want it to provide shade, not further cause damage.

  • If your roof is hard in color, consider repainting it soft.

Hard color, in this sense, talks about dark roofs that can heat up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit more. This is so because hard colors are great heat absorbers. On the other hand, soft colors are the best heat reflectors. While white itself is good, you may choose any light-colored reflective type of paint.

  • Install a roof mist cooling system instead in case a white roof won’t fit your home’s design.

A roof mist cooling system works as its name suggests. Its sensor determines the roof temperature and moisture, which tells if the roof has to be sprayed with smaller amounts of water. That way, your roof cools down in a matter of minutes.

  • Do not panic: everything will soon be in your favor.

If you keep on blabbing about your roof due to the panic that consumes you, remember that your problem will not solve itself. Summer is a normal time. This is the time when your roof absorbs too much heat, thus warming your home to a degree Fahrenheit or more. Keep calm.

  • Seek expert advice from the best licensed roofing company.

Cooling your roof this summer is not something minor. Keep in mind that your first line of defense from the heat of the sun is your roof. If it gets heated up too much, its roof service life can sooner or later end.

Aside from higher energy costs, you will have to spend on entire roof replacement. Better ask immediate assistance from your roofing experts to prevent this loss.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.