Cruelty To Animals And Its Consequence

Animal cruelty is any inhumane act against animals. But what are considered as “inhumane acts”? Though some people are knowingly brutal to animals, others are ignorant of what constitutes animal cruelty. It is important to be aware of such things since abusing animals and generally being unkind to them can land people in jail. Incarceration and paying hefty fines are two things that most people want to avoid. So, for those who are uninformed of their duties to their animal friends, here are some tips.

There are typically two ways that a person can be cruel to animals. One is by being negligent, and the other is by being deliberately cruel.


Being careless when it comes to providing proper care and training to animals is considered as animal cruelty. A few signs include:

– Malnourishment or starvation

– Absence of adequate housing for pets or other animals, like those found in zoos or reserves

– Leaving animals outside without shelter from extreme heat or cold

– Using training gadgets that hurt or injure animals, such as shock and prong collars

– Allowing several animals to live in a place that cannot suitably support them, as in the case of animal hoarding

Intentional Cruelty

Many people engage in certain activities even though they are aware that such activities injure or harm animals. Examples are:

– Cockfighting

In cockfights, roosters are goaded to fight each other to the death. Each will have a razor attached to one of its leg.

– Dog fighting

Here, dogs are driven to fight each other in a ring. The “game” only stops once one dog dies or once a dog can no longer move.

– Training circus animals

Most animals that belong in a circus are wild creatures. Animals, such as tigers and elephants, are naturally fierce. When they are placed in a circus, trainers use radical methods to train them since these animals are not used to human contact. Individuals tasked to teach the creatures often employ means to intimidate or scare these animals, which has an effect on the mental or psychological health of these living things. Others are physically abused. They are electrocuted, whipped, prodded or poked with sharp and pointy objects. Thus, it’s no wonder that some circus animals go berserk.

– Obtaining animals for their fur, meat, tusks, or other body parts

Do you know that it takes more than 50 minks to create a mink coat? As for elephants, they die in the wild without their tusks that they use to eat and protect themselves. It’s really very upsetting to think that many beautiful and unique species are slowly becoming extinct because they are hunted for their coats, tusks or other parts that people eat or sell.

Animal Cruelty Charges

A person who engages in illegal activities that exploit animals, whether these animals are endangered or not, can be fined and incarcerated. Violators can face state and federal charges, and fines can amount to thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jail time can exceed 4 years, as in the case of Craig Boyd, a known dog fight organizer. These are some conditions for animal cruelty cases classified as felonies. For misdemeanor cases, offenders can be fined about $250 to a thousand dollars. The court can also order them to spend at least 6 months in prison. Those involved can also be required to pay bail, the amount of which will depend on the classification of the cruelty charge. The higher or the more serious the offense, such as when killing or slaughter is involved, the higher the bail amount will be.


Claire Brown is a freelance writer who regularly contributes articles to legal websites and to sites that offer bail services, such as Direct, Bail Bonds. She specializes in animal cruelty and personal injury cases.