Cystic Acne Treatment – How It Can Help

Cystic acne is a medical skin condition commonplace in humans. This disease is characterized by patches of red skin, pin heads, white and black heads, pimples, large papules and in some cases scarring. Cystic acne is also known as acne vulgaris. This condition is mostly evident in skin with many sebaceous follicles for instance in the face, chest and upper back. In acute cases, the condition is inflammatory but also can be apparent in non-inflammatory kinds. Acne occurs mostly during adolescence and may continue well into adulthood. During puberty, acne is caused by an upsurge in testosterone and these occur irrespective of sex. As one matures, instances of acnes tend to diminish but some people continue to experience this condition even in advance ages.

Causes of Cystic acne
This condition is a result of advancement of the acne’s nodule. Pus accumulates in the nodule and cannot be released to the surface but instead released deep beneath the skin. The pus attracts bacteria which spread quickly in below the skin. Bacteria then result to inflammation of the skin hence resulting to pimples, scarring and other symptoms related to acne.
In order for cystic acne treatment to be effected, this condition must be identified. The most common symptoms are; uneven skin tone, scarring, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads etc. This skin condition can be painful in some cases. In severe cases, acnes may cause someone to lose confidence and cause psychological trauma. If this condition persists in older ages, one may need to look for cystic acne treatment which is effective. Most of the acne cases heal naturally as one matures so it may not be a cause of panic for most people.
If you are suffering from this condition, consulting a professional is not necessary as you can treat yourself but if the symptoms persist, you have to seek professional assistance from a dermatologist. Some simple steps you can take to eliminate acnes are discussed below;
1. Acne antibiotic: this fights the bacteria that cause swelling. These drugs can be gotten from the nearest drug stores or by consulting your physician. These drugs are important because they prevent more skin eruptions.
2. Holistic acne treatment: this treatment involves finding out the underlying cause of the acne and eliminates it. In this solution, you may be required to adhere to strict diet rules. This home treatment strategy is much friendlier.
3. Birth control pills: this measure is used in women. Since acne is as a result of an up surge of testosterone, some doctors may recommend this cure as it regulates the levels of the said hormone.
Other ways of cystic acne treatment requires the involvement of a medical professional. Where this condition is severe and all other forms of treatment have failed, surgery may be necessary. This treatment is referred to as surgical cystic drainage.
Other drugs such as Accutane have been known to be valuable in acne treatment. This drug should be administered under the supervision of a specialist as it is very dangerous if the dosage is not adhered to.
Steroid injection has also been proven to work when administered by qualified personnel. This treatment lessens irritation and should be used in combination with other cystic acne treatment.
Treatment for acnes is tasking but if your confidence and mental wellbeing is at stake, it is definitely worth it. As the old adage states: no pain no gain.
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