Decorate Your Home With Holiday Shower Curtains

The bathroom is often the most difficult and limiting room to decorate for the holidays. Finding items that do not take up a lot of space, are water resistant, and match existing décor can be nearly impossible. This often results in the bathroom feeling disconnected from the rest of the home during holiday seasons. Fortunately, there is an inexpensive and easy way to bring holiday spirit into this problematic part of the house.

Holiday shower curtains are a quick and simple solution for bathroom decorating needs. They create a fantastic focal point without taking up any extra space. You can simply buy a shower curtain that is already decorated for you, or you can customize your own curtain to perfectly suit your home. Decorating a curtain yourself gives you a chance to get creative and match it perfectly to your bathroom. With a plastic shower curtain liner and some permanent acrylic paint, the possibilities are endless. You can hang the liner over an existing plain fabric shower curtain or hang it as a standalone piece. If you purchase a pack of liners, you can decorate one for each major holiday of the year!
Decorating holiday shower curtains is a great project to do with the kids. Create a fun and functional scrapbook of shorts by letting everyone add a new design to the curtain each year. Handprints are a great way to see how much kids have grown throughout the year. You can do them in holiday colors or use the handprints as the basis for making Santa faces, angels, reindeer or elves. Overlap them to make garlands. Layer them in a triangle pattern to make Christmas trees. For other holidays you can make turkeys, ghosts, hearts, and clovers. The sky is the limit!
You could also make personalized cloth shower curtains by simply sewing together different strips of fabric with holiday patterns on them. This is a fun bohemian look that you can customize to complement the colors of your bathroom. If sewing is not your forte, you can achieve the same sort of look by gluing on strips of ribbon. This is fast and easy and gives your holiday shower curtains an interesting textured look. For extra visual impact, choose a variety of fabrics or ribbons. Mix big bold patterns with some that have a sheen or unexpected texture. Don’t be afraid to play around with unusual materials!
Holiday shower curtains are such a fun yet convenient way to add that splash of holiday pizazz to any bathroom. Whether you are looking for something understated or over the top, you can find or create your own perfect curtain to complement the existing décor already in place. Replacing a shower curtain for the holidays is the ideal solution to so many bathroom decorating challenges as it is a natural focal point and does not take up any extra space. Create new memories my getting the whole household involved. All it takes is a little time and creativity. For hardly any money at all you can design your very own personalized holiday shower curtains to enjoy throughout the year and for years to come.
Stacey Brick is a freelance writer and interior designer. She sells her custom holiday shower curtains online.