Don’t Let The Bathroom Be Your Property’s Achilles Heel

Trying to sell property in the current real estate market can be a staggeringly difficult challenge. With most real estate experts claiming that we are still stuck in a buyer’s market after all these years, it’s not surprising to see one’s home sit around for months on end without any good potential offers coming in. Although the possible reasons for why a property goes unsold are almost countless, it’s usually some element of the home’s interior that is at fault.
If there’s ever been a single room in a home that has led buyers running for the door, it’s the bathroom. Between the condition of the tub, the toilet, and the wallpaper, each integral piece of your bathroom has the potential to cause inquisitive couples to question your property’s worth. As such, it’s up to the homeowner to present this room as well as he can. The following are just a few ways you can spruce up the bathroom for buyers.

Recondition the Bathtub or Shower
After living in the property for any substantial amount of time, most people find that the state of the shower or bathtub has degraded significantly since they first moved in. Of course, no buyer wants to look at a bathroom and think about how often that room has been used over the years. As such, it’s in the seller’s best interest to have shower tiles thoroughly scrubbed or a bathtub reglazing performed. If you can manage to make the bathroom appear as though it has never been used, then you’ll have a room worth showing.
Remove all Faded or Peeling Wallpaper and Paint
Constant exposure to steam and moisture ends up causing bathroom walls to look like something out of a horror film. Even once the bathtub reglazing has been completed and the room’s tiles cleaned, chances are the walls will still look a mess. While homeowners may be reluctant to spend the time or resources needed to do this job, the investment is well worth the results. Clean, smooth walls will convince buyers that you’re taking good care of the property itself and may allay any fears about the condition of the rest of the home.
Throw Away all but the Bare Essentials
These days, many homeowners try to sell their homes while they still live there. Although there is nothing wrong with this, one should always try to remove as much clutter and junk from the bathroom as possible. Many men and women make the mistake of leaving soaps, shampoos, conditioners, cleaning supplies, and other hygiene mainstays lying around in plain sight. People looking to buy homes want to see rooms that are clean and as bare as possible – a sort of blank slate, really. One should make sure to toss away all nonessential items before trying to show the house off to would-be buyers.
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