Eating Out in Los Angeles

The City of Angels has a lot to offer and it’s driven by so much glamour and glitz. Other than shopping centers and other attractions, Los Angeles is also known for variety of food and great restaurants. The whole city seems to shimmer as the sun sets under the horizon and it is a good time to try these famous restaurants.

Koi in West Hollywood is known for a hotspot for many A-list celebs. It’s an Asian-fusion restaurant and the food is simply too damn good. It should be a great relief from the hectic Melrose environment. With its multiple open patios, water containers and candles, Koi is certainly a feng-shui infused area.

Morton’s the Steakhouse in West Hollywood is widely popular for star-struck celebrity watchers to get a glimpse of their idols. It offers various hearty steak options made from dry-aged meat. It also has excellent desserts, including chocolate espresso cake and banana walnut beignets with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

The Ivy is located in West Hollywood and it is famous for the always-ready paparazzi. It offers shabby-chic furnishings with antique French furniture. The Ivy is all about traditional American comfort food. Its Caesar salad is probably the best in the Los Angeles, if not in the whole nation.

Dolce Enoteca in West Hollywood is another quintessential celebrity hotspot in the city. It has a great lounge with marble and black leather. It offers a variety of modern Italian dishes, such as risotto with Gorgonzola, Italian-style tapas and a recommended dessert is the custard with rich ricotta cheese

Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood is another place to visit when we want to sample one of the best Italian dishes in town. Entering Dan Tana’s islike being time warped back to the 1950’s with its old Hollywood atmosphere. It is a place for many popular screenwriters, actors and numerous Hollywood moguls.

Asia de Cuba in West Hollywood is a place where we could rub elbows with popular and famous people. From its name, Asia de Cuba is obviously a place where we can try various Asian-Latino fusion dishes. We could try savory calamari salad or coconut layer cake. Its outdoor patio offers wonderful view of the Los Angeles.

Mr. Chows in Tiinseltown is an excellent place to enjoy a variety of Chinese food. It offers many wonderful dishes that could leave us wanting more. It also offers multiple Western dishes, such as the grilled filet mignon and prawns marinated in a tasty spinach dressing.

The Little Door in La Brea is known as a romantic hideaway for people who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles area. There are outdoor and indoor seats and once we make our way past the two wooden doors, we could find a romantic courtyard with impeccable menu, twinkling candles, garden seats and canopies.

Food is a big element in Los Angeles and travellers should be eager to sample some of the best local dishes in the city.