Efficient Tips On Literature Review Writing

Let us sort out what is a literature review: this piece of writing accumulates your ability to gather and analyze the resources that regard to your topic. Broadly speaking, this section of dissertation connects your work with a broader field of the research, shows that you are acquainted with the relevant literature concerning your subject and shows your contribution to the field. Writing the review can be considered as a separate task as it helps to outline the dissertation itself. No wonder that many students need help with literature review.

Main Aim of the Literature Review

There are several goals that this piece of writing has to achieve:
 Persuade readers that the research issue you are working with is worth researching
 Show your in-depth knowledge of the field
 Prove that the research you conduct, addresses to the gap in the field

Well-written samples of literature review you can find at http://essaysrv.co.uk/, check out the structure and proper arrangement of the paper. There you will see that reviews are not just listings of references with annotations to each – it is a critical analysis of the gathered data.

Who can Assist with this kind of Academic Writing?

Where to search for really efficient help with the review writing?

1. Tutors and students who work and study in your subject of interest. You may be surprised with the number of sources they can give you to work with.
2. Visit conferences or workshops. Such communities of dedicated people also can lend you a helping hand and prompt where to find information you need
3. Information Librarians. Such specialists have profound knowledge of identification of the source relevance and searching for the most helpful databases and resources
4. Professional writers. Experienced and highly-qualified pros can write a review for you in such a way that you will be able to create an outline for your dissertation and distinguish the direction of your research.

Helpful Tips

Always take notes during the data collection stage about the sources and search methods. Do not forget to write down necessary information in the chosen reference style – thus you will save time.

It is unlikely that you will select the topic with only a few published materials – change your search strategy or change the topic.