Elements of Motor Car Auctioning

1Latest researches reveal the facts that the various car manufacturing companies have increased their car price rates irrespective of the car types and models. This is a reason for which people these days have become reluctant in buying brand new cars. As, a result they opt for buying second hand cars.

But with increased price rates, the individual owners of cars are negligent towards letting go off their cars and prefer to stick to the ones they own, for a long time. So from where will the needy people buy the second hand cars? In times like this, car auctioning emerges out as a useful procedure.

The car auctioning system is obtainable in almost all the countries. Such scenario is also available in Britain. The motor auctioning system is progressively becoming popular in Britain. With British motor auctions, people now have the facility to buy cars within their monetary compatibility.

Basic Characteristics

Trade In

Here those vehicles which are no longer in use and have gone worn out are exchanged for good conditioned cars.

Company Fleet Cars

This category deals with the cars that belonged to organizations. Organizations big or small require vehicles to meet their daily ends like bringing in raw materials, or delivering furnished goods to the markets etc.

So Many Cars Available for Auction

These vehicles either bought or taken on lease are used for certain tenure, after which they are made free from giving any kind of service to the organization.
Then these vehicles are brought to the auctions for sale. The vehicles being in regular use and maintenance are often found in good condition. But it is advisable to check the technical aspects of the company fleet vehicles. As, being company vehicles they often provide hard services and possess exploited remains.

Off Lease

Here vehicles are returned back to the financial institution after the lease tenure comes to an end. The lease or the agreement makes sure of certain facts like the vehicle cannot be used for many miles. As in the agreement the user is provided with the limitation of the number of miles up to which the user can use the vehicle.
It also enables the user to maintain the vehicle taken on lease.
The person is subjected to payment of fine in case the vehicle is found in weary condition.

Off Rental

The rental companies release many amount of cars in these car auctions, to be sold. Generally people tend to buy those rental cars, which have been used for one year and not more.
Rental cars often possess the fear of being in shabby conditions.


The cars represented by this section, includes the cars given down for auctioning by banks. The cars are generally owned by the banks as assets from money borrowers after they are unable to pay off the loan.


Vehicles that have faced damages due to accidents, typhoons, floods etc are brought for auctioning by insurance companies.
Vehicles in thousands are brought in for auctioning. Only authorized dealers have the right to participate. Inspection of the vehicles can be done on pre-sales and post-sales basis.
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Description- The British motors auctioning has become very popular, giving rise to many motor auctioning agencies opting it as a profession; and making and contributing huge profit to the nation’s economy. The increasing price level followed with increased demands is what keeps the auctioning going.