Environmentally Efficient Office Move

Moving office is something that can be done in an environmentally efficient way. Office moves are typically done on a much larger scale in comparison to domestic moves. This is because there is more furniture with the addition of office equipment. There are numerous ways that an office move can be done in an eco-friendly way.
Environmentally friendly tips for an office move

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Packing office equipment and furniture into recyclable boxes is a way to make an office move environmentally friendly. Switching off electrical office equipment like computers, photocopiers and fax machines ahead of the move will help to conserve energy. This may not be very practical if it is not done in advance. Turning off office equipment the night before the move is perhaps the best time to do this or before the equipment is ready to be packed into boxes at least 2 hours before the move. Using recyclable string to secure boxes is a great way of making an office move more environmentally friendly. Recyclable bubble wrap can also be used during the packing process which will make an office move more environmentally efficient. All of these items are recyclable which will reduce the amount of waste that the office move will produce. These recyclable items are great for an environmentally efficient office move because they can be used more than once for the same purpose. The boxes can also be used for office storage purposes which is another positive benefit.
Eco-efficient office moves can also be done by hiring eco-friendly vans. Office moves may require multiple vans, using eco-friendly vans will help to reduce carbon emissions during numerous trips to and from the office’s current location and its new one. Eco-friendly vans are also perfect for long distance office moves. These vans use eco-efficient fuel which will of course help to minimise the amount CO2 emissions during long distance journeys. This is the ideal way to make an office move environmentally friendly.
Recycling and other alternatives

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Office moves provide the perfect opportunity to de-clutter. Office equipment that is no longer used or needed can be recycled instead of thrown away. Recycling unwanted office equipment like phones will make an office move more environmentally efficient. Giving away unwanted office furniture to charity shops is also a good way of being environmentally friendly. By recycling items instead of throwing them away you can avoid creating additional waste.. Any other unwanted items can be sold on as another way to avoid throwing them away. These methods will reduce the amount of waste that an office move can generate.
Environmentally friendly office moves are a great way to move office and maintain the environment at the same time. Office moves that are successful in doing this use recyclable packing materials, eco-friendly vans and, other methods which avoid creating waste during the move.
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